AUGUST 5, 2010

‘Living Ready’ helps people to prepare for challenges

   It may be something as simple as a blown transformer that takes the power out in a neighborhood for a short time or it may be a flood that devastates a whole community, people can prepare and be ready for the things that happen.

   Orofino Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is inviting the community to a preparedness fair Aug. 21 from 2-5 p.m. at their meetinghouse, 13610 Fremont. To reach the church, turn off U.S. Highway 12 just west of Barney’s Harvest Foods.

   Living Ready is not about fear or panic; it is about learning to take care of what is important-loved ones. It is about learning to be smart, savvy and resilient when facing challenges.

   There will be numerous booths, demonstrations and presenters that can answer questions about how to prepare and be ready when facing such things as the loss of a job, emergencies, disasters and other disruptions of normal everyday life. Some might call it provident living. 

   Among topics for the fair are:

Canning and preserving food, edible landscaping, medical basics, legal document preservation, alternative cooking, water storage and purification, 72-hour kits, household ingenuity, community emergency response teams, search and rescue, emergency responders, and emergency shelter.

   Don Gardner, Clearwater County Emergency Management Coordinator, will be the keynote speaker at 4 p.m. He will help participants look at ways they can begin and continue to prepare without becoming overwhelmed.

   Come learn about how people can prepare and care for themselves and their families through the challenges that they face individually and as a community.