AUGUST 5, 2010

LTMC's 2010 Rendezvous pole shoot.  The object is to first shoot at a balloon on a wooden pole and then shoot at a pole that is four inches in diameter and "cut it off" at the line painted on the pole, then finally to hit a designated metal target.  The winning team was No Name, Boomer, Grasshopper, Dwaine, and Samantha. Men and women both participated in this shoot.  Photo submitted by Cathy Walker.

LTMC's 2010 Rendezvous pole shoot on Sunday morning. Photo by Cathy Walker

Lolo Trail Muzzleloader Club’s 34th Annual Rendezvous

By Cathy Walker

   Everyone had a great time at the Lolo Trail Muzzleloader’s (LTMC) 34th Annual Rendezvous held on July 23-25 at the Wilson Ranch on Rudo Road.

   There were 44 shooters which included 31 men, 10 women, and 3 young trappers. The events were rifle trail, pistol trail, and hawk and knife trail.  There were even four first time shooters.  You could enter one or all three. Even the young ones got in on the fun with a BB gun shoot. People traveled from Spokane, California, Lewiston, Kamiah, and Oregon to join the Clearwater County’s local club in the fun.

   The rifle trail walk consisted of 21 targets and a tie breaker card, the pistol walk had 13 targets and a tie breaker card, and the hawk and knife had 10 blocks.

   Saturday afternoon held an event for those that wished to try their skill. It was a long gong shoot, which started at 50 yards and ended at 125 yards, normally it goes to 200 yards.  Congratulations to Skinner who was the only one to hit the gong at 125 yards. That evening you could try your hawk throwing ability at hawk poker. On Sunday morning for the pole shoot, there were three teams consisting of five shooters. The winning team was Boomer, No Name, Grasshopper, Samantha, and Dwaine.  Also on Sunday the candy cannon was shot off for the kids. 

   On Saturday evening there was a potluck, if you missed the evening’s meal, you missed quite a dinner. There was a delicious roasted pig and Dutch oven cooking. The Dutch oven cooking winners in the following categories were main dish Flatlander with a Mexican Cheeseburger Pie and dessert was Krissy Calkins with a Multi-Berry cobbler. 

   Sunday at 10:30 a.m. brought about the raffle prize drawing and awards. Congratulations to Montana, he was the top man, Can’t Dance, she was the top woman, and Thirsty was the top young trapper. For the Pee Wee’s Amy was the top one.

   If you were unable to attend this year, you missed a wonderful time, and we hope to see you next year. 

   Anyone interested in joining or finding out more about the muzzleloader club, you can call Bill Kaufman at 476-3371, Larry Kaufman at 476-7749, or Cathy Walker at 435-4814.