AUGUST 5, 2010

The Fraser Community Center remodel

By Norma Brand

   The temperature in the Fraser Community and surrounding area has been in the high 80s with nighttime lows of 58 to 65 degrees. We have been fortunate to have a nice breeze each day. Rain showers have fallen but very sporadically.

Fraser Community Center

   The Fraser Community Center Board and the Fraser Get Together Club held events to raise the needed funds for the remodel project. The next time you are at the center look over the new indoor bathroom and the kitchen. There is new flooring in both rooms and the kitchen has white counter tops on the cabinets and the serving counter, plus a stainless steel sink with new faucet. What an improvement! It’s beautiful.

   A big “Thank You” goes to Carl Stemrich and his crew of subcontractors, Risto Plumbing, Chris Anderson of Fords Creek Pump and Lochsa Electric. The community appreciates you and the work you have done on the old Fraser School.

   The old cistern will no longer be used to wash dishes and drinking water will not have to be brought in for each event. An underground water tank will service the building. Pete Kingen used his mobile 1000-gallon water tank to fill this tank. Jack Smolinski and Mike Beard stopped by on Saturday, July 31 to check over the project. Jack had his picture taken looking over the new bathroom.

Clarabell Brown enjoys visit from son Robert

   Clarabell Brown enjoyed a visit from her son Robert over the weekend. Robert’s children Sydney and Conner came with him. They stopped in at Danny and Donna’s for a swim in the pool and visited Marie Green before returning to Beaverton, OR

Linda and Mike Beard

   Linda and Mike Beard played in a golf tournament at Dayton, WA recently. The tournament was a benefit for the Young Life Christian Group. Linda was excited about how well she did on the putting greens. She said it was the best she has ever done. Watch out Tiger Woods!

Shirley Schoenek

 at Fraser Jam Session

   Shirley Schoenek drove up to Fraser from Orofino on Saturday. She stopped in at the Bluegrass Jam Session then visited Marie Green and Clarabell Brown before returning home.

Donna and Danny Brown

   Donna and Danny Brown and Cory and Michele and their daughters Izzy, Caitlin, Abby and Samantha drove to Dent Bridge Camp Ground on Friday.  They visited with Chelsie Moreland and her family who were on an annual family camping weekend. After dinner they returned home. One day last week Donna and her granddaughter, Izzy, spent the day in Lewiston, they had a good time shopping and went out to lunch.

   Shirley Lutes reported her mother, Bertys Smolinski, is a resident of Brookside Landing in Orofino again.

Peggy Ball home from Alaska

   Peggy Ball is back from Alaska; she spent three weeks in Fairbanks with her sister Robin, who had to have surgery on a broken ankle. Robin’s husband Steve was on a job on the Slope so Peggy took care of the animals and the house while Robin took it easy. Peggy returned home on July 26. She reported Robin was doing great and was able to return to work with the use of crutches.

Vanderpool reunion

   The Vanderpool family will hold their reunion on Sept. 11, so mark your calendars. Call Peggy Ball at 435-4209 for more information.

Weippe Wesleyan Church youth group

   Cathy Walker reported the Weippe Wesleyan Church Group will be serving pulled pork and a choice of two salads on the Weippe Rodeo weekend. Their booth will be set up on the vacant lot south of the church on Main Street. This is a fundraiser for maintenance on the church bus. Call Tom Blaine at 435-4292 if have questions. There will be more information next week.

Birthday wishes

   Happy Birthday goes out to Shirley Lutes and Reggie Ball on Aug. 6, to Donna Stickney on Aug. 7, Caitlin Brown on Aug. 29, Marie Green on Aug. 10 and to Donna Jackson on Aug. 12.