AUGUST 5, 2010

A group of musicians playing at the Fraser Bluegrass Jam Session at the Fraser Park; July 30-Aug. 1

Fraser’s 5th Annual Bluegrass Jam Session

By Norma Brand

   Mother Nature must enjoy Bluegrass and Country Western Music she sent the most perfect weather to the hilltop for the Fraser Annual Jam Session. The trees at Fraser Park and the breeze that blew kept everyone cool, even when the temperature reached 85 degrees. The large covered pavilion provided shelter during the day and as the light faded, the overhead lights were turned on.

   Linda Beards’ cousins, Rich and Carol Gregg, for Lenore, arrived early in the week, Steve and Gail Gleason soon joined them in their camper. They were joined by a number of great musicians who brought their guitars, banjos, ukuleles and fiddles to entertain the crowd.

   The Fraser Community Center Board organized the concessions. The Beards opened up the cookhouse on Friday evening to serve Pete Burgers and hot dogs. On Saturday, Donna Brown, Karen and Mark Fowler, Shirley Lutes, Janet and Pete Kingen, Dolores Watson, Cathy Walker, Oreta Stuart and Norma Brand helped take orders and serve. Steve Brand joined the group for the final clean up. Home baked pies were on the menu this year along with ice cream, cookies and cherry tarts.

   This was another great community event and a fundraiser for the remodel of the Fraser Community Center. Thanks to everyone for your help.

   On Sunday morning the Greggs’ and Steve Gleason provided Gospel Music. The audience was encouraged to sing along.

   Elwin Hutchins joined the group on Sunday morning. He recalled when he was a young boy he would listen to music played on an old record player. Rock of Ages was one of his favorite songs and he loved to sing along when it was played.

   Thank to all the musicians who gave of their time to entertain everyone this year. You are very much appreciated and we hope you will be back next year, the first weekend in August.