JULY 29, 2010

Another successful year for Trevor Haag Baseball Tournament

By Jamie Wilson

   The 2010 Trevor Haag Memorial Tournament started off with an extra special and very emotional opening ceremony. Aly Statler did an amazing job singing the national anthem with her outstanding voice. Following that the Haag family, players, coaches and spectators were presented with three different types of balloons; Blue (in memory of Trevor Haag), Red (in memory of Charles Haag) and White (in memory of Linda Haag).

   Each balloon had their name on one side and the message “gone but not forgotten” on the other side. Once all 300 balloons were handed out there was a moment of silence and all at once the balloons were released into the sky. Games then began after the first pitch was thrown by a very special fan, Dalton Adams. Dalton was visiting from New York with his parents, Cassie and Tim Adams.  Dalton is a nephew of Annette and Tracy Haag. 

   Baseball games started Thursday evening in the City Park, VFW Field, and both A and B fields behind OES.  Games were played at all fields through the weekend until Sunday evening. The twenty six teams to participate this year were from all over Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. There were some very exciting games played in the battle for a chance to advance to the championship game.

   In the end it came down to the Bitterroot Boltz vs. Lewiston Titans in the 12U Championship and the Missoula Jr. Osprey   vs. the Colville All-Stars in the 10U division. Both games were exciting and intensely played games with the Bitterroot Boltz and the Missoula Jr. Osprey walking away with the first place trophy.

   However, more important than any championship that could be won there were two other awards to be presented. The first one was the Trevor Haag Most Inspirational Award which is given to one player in the whole tournament who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship, effort, and positive attitude on and off the field. Out of over 300 players in the tournament, JD Kappler from the Moscow Mavericks was selected by the Haag family to receive the award.

   JD captured our hearts with his never wavering positive attitude, outstanding support of his teammates, and wonderful character we should all aspire to achieve. JD was a joy to watch and be around through out the weekend and was very deserving of this extremely special award.

   The second award that was given by the Haag family was The Justin Haag Award which is a “Team Award” that is given to the team that shows outstanding team sportsmanship, a great attitude, exceptional character and for exemplifying competition with class. The Missoula Osprey stood out among the 26 teams participating in the tournament. All weekend long they demonstrated each of the characteristics that it took to receive this award.  This was the first time a tournament champion took home the Justin Haag Award.

   Next year's tournament has already been set for July 22-24, 2011 with some teams already wanting to reserve rooms and camping spots! Mark your calendars and come take part in another fun and exciting event.