JULY 29, 2010

Fraser’s 5th annual bluegrass, country western jam session

By Norma Brand

   The Fraser Bluegrass and Old Country Western Jam session is scheduled to take place this weekend at Fraser Park. Can you believe that the jam session will celebrate its 5th year of playing for the residents of this area?

   On Saturday, July 24, Steve and Norma Brand and Reggie Ball installed the banner at Fraser Park. Reggie’s wife, Peggy, was visiting her sister Robin in Fairbank, AK so she missed helping this year.

   There will be concession at the Cookhouse on Saturday starting at 11 a.m. the proceeds will be turned over to the Fraser Community Center to help with the indoor bathroom project and the kitchen remodel.

   The Fraser Community Center Board and the members of the Fraser Women’s Get Together Club and their husbands will be ready to serve the usual menu. Remember several years ago when Pete Kingen requested grilled onions on his sirloin burger? That was the beginning of “Pete Burgers”, they will be on the menu again this year, as well as sirloin burgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings. Another special feature this year will be home made pie and ice cream.

   The musicians will play on Friday evening, all day Saturday and will do several hours of gospel music on Sunday morning. Invite some of your friends to join you for this event, its great entertainment and its “Free”

   The tall pine trees at the park will provide plenty of shade, so bring a comfortable chair and plan to spend the day. This weekend is the time to enjoy the music, visit with your friends and neighbors and treat yourselves to the tasty food served at the Cookhouse. See you there, Friday evening July 30, Saturday, July 31 and Sunday morning Aug. 1.

   The members of the Timberline All School Reunion are invited to walk in the Pierce “1860 Days” parade on Aug. 7. The parade will start at 11:30 a.m. When the parade is over, meet at the Pierce Community Center to continue the day’s activities. The Timberline football team and cheerleaders will provide a no host lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. The concessions are a fundraiser to help with the teams’ expenses.

   Guest speaker will take the stand at 1:30 p.m.

   Any donation money will go to the Timberline Scholarship Fund for 2011. Everyone is invited to come and have a good time. You can call Bev Bailey at 435-4539 for more information.

   Glen Erickson had some excitement at his ranch on Lower Fords Creek Road. Last week while he was tending his garden he heard his little dog, Dew, barking. Upon investigating, he found her at the top of his driveway barking at a rattlesnake. Dew is a Miniature Yorkie and knew this thing wasn’t supposed to be coiled up where Glen parks his truck. Not everyone has a little dog to look after them. Glen and Dew want to warn everyone that the rattlesnakes are around and to be careful.

   Sandy Morrow has taken over ownership of Augie’s Deli in Orofino. Stop in and check out her menu the next time you are in town. Sandy and her family are goods friends of our neighbors Sherry and Larry Schlader.

   Marie Green reported she has a new great-granddaughter. Grier AnnMarie Scott was born on July 20; her proud parents are Trina Green Scott and her husband Brian. Marie’s son Steve and his wife Carol have two granddaughters to brag about, Grier and Hadley Paige Green, who will be four years old in September. Their bag book of pictures will be filling up and we are sure they will be glad to share it with anyone that asks to see it.

   Elvita Judd celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, July 20. Her daughter, Loretta and family members; Toni Smith, her sons Joseph and Jamison, Amanda Judd, her children, Blake and MaKenna, and Marie Green joined her for dinner. Jack Smolinski stopped by in the afternoon to wish Elvita a Happy Birthday and stayed to visit. On Wednesday Loretta and Elvita drone over to Clarabell Browns for a visit.

   On Sunday, July 25, June Judd was in the process of telephoning her sister-in-law Clarabell Brown when she dialed the Brand’s number instead. Norma enjoyed talking to June before she let her off the phone so she could finish her call to Clarabell.

   Debi Bordoni attended the craft fair in McCall, over the 4th of July weekend. She reported everything went well and she enjoyed visiting with her old customers. She also introduced her special wood furniture and lamps to the new people that stopped by her booth.

   The Bordoni’s recently received a visit from Debi’s brother, Kevin Luksus and his wife Alisha, from Indiana. On July 17 Debi attended the wedding of her nephew Bryan Luksus and his fiancée, Danica, in Thousand Oaks, CA.

   Happy Birthday goes out to Linda Jackson on July 30 and to Cody Bird on Aug. 5.