JULY 29, 2010

Clearwater County set to update hazard risk plans

   Clearwater County has launched a project to update the Clearwater County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Local agencies and organizations in Clearwater County have created a committee to complete the required five-year updates of these documents as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Pre-Disaster Mitigation program, National Fire Plan, and Healthy Forests Restoration Act.  The project is being funded through a FEMA grant.

   The planning updates will include risk analyses, vulnerability assessments, and mitigation recommendations for the hazards of flood, landslide, severe weather, wildland fire, terrorism/civil unrest, geologic, avalanche, dam failure, hazardous materials, and extended power outage.

   Northwest Management, Inc. has been retained by Clearwater County to provide risk assessments, hazard mapping, field inspections, interviews, and to collaborate with the planning committee to update the Plans.  The committee includes representatives from local communities, rural and wildland fire districts, state and federal agencies, highway districts, private landowners, area businesses, various Clearwater County departments, and others.

   One of the goals of the planning process will be to increase the participating jurisdictions’ eligibility for additional grants that will help minimize the risk and potential impact of disaster events. The planning team will be conducting public meetings to discuss preliminary findings and to seek public input on the Plans’ recommendations. 

Public meetings

   These public meetings will be held at 6 pm at the following locations:

   Tuesday-Aug. 3 at the Elk River Community Center.

   Wednesday- Aug. 4 at the Coon Building (2200 Michigan) in Orofino.

   Thursday, Aug. 5 at Timberline High School in Weippe.

   Once completed, the updated draft Plans will also be available for public review and comment.

   For more information on the Clearwater County Multi - Hazard Mitigation Plan and Community Wildfire Protection Plan updates, contact Don Gardner, Clearwater County Emergency Management, at 208-476-4064.