JULY 29, 2010

From this Chair…

By Cloann McNall

   “Is that you, Cloann? Is that you, Ellie?” This conversation took place Friday on the waterfront at Newport, OR where Ellie and Clay Hesson of Valley Motor Parts, and their family were vacationing at the same time I was there with my family.

   The Hessons had rented a house there to accommodate their family and mine were housed at Hallmark Inn, American Inn, a nearby campground and in a house Marcie had rented for them and the Howland family.

   Our family made their routine first night trip at the coast to Moe’s for the traditional clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl.

   The men went on a guided fishing boat and caught a plentiful supply of Sea Bass, crab and other species I can’t recall. That night we had a steak and seafood dinner at Marcie’s rental in observance of my birthday and the Howland’s wedding anniversary.

   The temperatures were in the 50’s with a wind factor of 25 so none of us braved the chilling wind and blowing sand to walk on the beach until it finally cleared up Saturday afternoon. We saw a bride and her wedding party on the beach in the blistering cold wind Saturday attempting to have her wedding photos taken.

   The young Howland twins went to the beach Saturday in their “four wheeler push-mobile,” dressed in blue jeans, plaid shirts, suspenders and quilted orange hunting vests. Their first trip to the ocean at the ripe old age of four months. They weigh 9 and 11 pounds now.

   Highlight of the trip for the Phantom was a tour of the Air Museum in Tillamook topped off with a flight in a 1942 Stinson airplane same as the one he is currently refurbishing. He was accompanied by Darold and Marcie and John Baldwin on the tour flight.

   Some of the family visited Depot Bay, Lincoln City, Cloverdale and of course we all went to Tillamook which included a tour of the cheese factory and huge cones of Tillamook ice cream.

   I purchased a two-pound bag of fresh salt water taffy to bring back to the Tribune crew and went off and left it in the motel room.

   Marcie retrieved it from the motel and brought it home Monday. The “gals” are enjoying rummaging through the sack to get their favorite flavors.

    Thinking back in time this is one of the many trips my family and I have made to the Oregon coast in the past 26-27 years.

    Wow, what a wonderful place to vacation with family and friends. And you never know who you might see on the waterfront.