JULY 22, 2010

Fraser community news

By Norma Brand

   The weather in the Great Northwest has been perfect for the haying season, it has been dry and as of July 19 the temperature hasn’t reached in the 90-degree range. It’s a busy time; loads of hay have been transported and put into barns to feed pets and livestock for the winter. The cold, wet spring has been good for the hay fields, but not for the wheat fields. A spray plane was hired to spray the fields for rust.

   The signs have been installed on the back of the “Fraser Welcomes You” sign, for this years’ Fraser jam session. The Fraser Community Center Board held a meeting on Wednesday, July 14 to plan the concessions for the 5th Annual Bluegrass and Old Country Western jam session. The concessions will be another fundraiser for the community center.

   Board members Mike Beard, Donna Brown, Cathy Walker, Oreta Stuart and Fraser Community club members Linda Beard, and Steve and Norma Brand discussed adding home made pies and ice cream to the menu this year. They also compiled a list of needed supplies and assigned people to work two-hour segments at the Fraser Park cookhouse.

   On Thursday, July 29 the musicians will start arriving at the park. They will play Friday evening, all day Saturday and on Sunday morning they will do several hours of gospel music. This jam session is a great community event, it’s free to the public, and everyone is welcome to pick out a camping spot and spend the weekend at the park. “See you there”.

   The 4-H members from Clearwater County and several other counties met in Lewiston on Friday, July 9 to travel to Pomeroy, WA for 4-H camp. Bobbi Boyer and her children, Macoy and Breyer, stayed in a cabin with Bobbi’s mother, Marie Armitage. Marie is the head of the Clearwater County 4-H clubs. Some of the activities the members could sign up for were swimming, canoeing, archery, robotics and building wooden race cars.

   Everyone was given a schedule that outlined each day’s events. Club members were assigned tasks of washing dishes, clean up and taking out the garbage, they also made sure the trash was picked up around the camp. On Saturday, everyone was treated to homemade ice cream; Marie was in charge of this activity.

   Bobbi volunteered to help with the race car event. Each member built and decorated their car; then the next day they put the cars through their paces at race time. Watch for the 4-H race car display at the Clearwater County Fair in September.

   The 4-H clubs in this area have enjoyed spending four days at Camp Wooten for many years. Bobbi remembers the fun she and her brothers, Buck and Jake and her sister Billie had as youngsters when they attended camp. 

   Linda and Mike Beard enjoyed a visit from an old classmate of Mikes. Fred Richards and his friend Barbara Toeful spent three days at the ranch. The guys worked on some projects while the gals visited. Mike took them on a tour of the hill top area. Linda reported she had a lot of fun listening to the funny stories about Mike and Fred’s high school days.

   Donna and Bill Jackson love rhubarb. Norma Brand delivered some to them on Thursday and stayed for a visit. Norma got her start from Marie Green several years ago; the wet weather this spring was especially good for her patch. She had a bumper crop so there was plenty to share.

   Donna and Danny Brown recently took a trip to Nampa to visit their daughter Danette McIntosh and her family. They also traveled to Libby, MT to visit Donna’s twin sister, Mona Wolfe and her husband Allen.

   Marie Green enjoyed a visit from her daughter Wilma during the week. Marie says she has had a quiet week and is doing fine. Stop by for a visit when you are in Fraser, she loves company.

   Izzy Brown reported she and her family traveled to Nampa to visit her Aunt Danette McIntosh and her family. Her dad, Cory, stayed home; he was busy with farm work. Izzy said it was very hot during the day, but playing on the water slide in the back yard was fun. They did get in some shopping while they were there. When the family returned to Fraser, her sister Abby remained at Aunt Danette’s home. She went camping at Cascade with her cousins and her grandparents, Donna and Danny Brown.

   Happy Birthday goes out to Elvita Judd on July 23. How many of you remember when Elvita fell and broke her hip on this same day in 2003? After many years of faithfully writing the Fraser news she turned over the task to Norma Brand. Norma had help with the column from Donna Stickney, then Cathy Walker helped her five years until her schedule became to busy. Peggy Ball has also assisted. See Elvita, it takes a lot of people to fill your shoes.

   Peggy Ball sends Happy Birthday greetings to her sister Andy Petrusky on July 24. Marie Green sends Happy Birthday greetings to granddaughter Trina Green Scott on July 29.

   Happy Birthday goes out to Sandra Dahl on July 24.