JULY 22, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Road update given on Grangemont Road Project

July 12, 2010

   A road and bridge update was given at the July 12 Clearwater County Commissioners meeting concerning the start of the Grangemont Road project. The Seubert rock crusher is now at the pit for the project. The pit was stripped and shot. They can start crushing soon for the test pile for the aggregate. The aggregate mix design will have to be tested and approved. The project construction should start next month.

Campbell’s Pond access road

   The access road for Campbell’s Pond was viewed with representatives from the FWLHA, State Lands, Potlatch and Fish and Game. The entrance road needs to be expanded to include a turning lane off the highway. The entrance may be moved if all parties are in agreement.

Cavendish Road chip seal

   The Cavendish Road chip seal project is postponed for one week, so the contractor will start mid-August. The engineering should be complete by Reidesel within 10 days after the letter to proceed is received.

   The Board approved and signed the request from the expense and payroll claims.

Board of Equalization

   The Board met as the Board of Equalization to make the decisions on the protests that were presented. Upon review of evidence and testimony the Board unanimously approved to uphold the value on Parcel RP36N01E179000 and MH35N04E142410.

Sheriff’s report

   Sheriff Goetz provided a report from the department. The Title III Request was reviewed with the Sheriff. The Search and Rescue costs for searches on the National Forests, BLM and Corps property came in at a total of $23,181.32 for both. The Board approved the notice to publish the expenditure of SRS Title III funding.

Expense claims

   June 2010 expense claims were approved and ordered to be paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$30,668.76; Road & Bridge-$111,441.67; Ambulance-$8,077.88; District Court-$2,504.89; Justice Fund-$59,198.28; Drug Court-$600.00; Social Services-$31,091.39; Parks and Recreation -$1018.70; Revaluation-$1010.15; Enhanced 911-$179.80; Solid Waste-$32,694.24; Current Expense Tort-$4,280.22; Weeds-$11,205.59; Waterways $3,313.10; Dent Bridge Trust-$597.18; Insurance & Grants-$56,053.34; Hospital Loan Trust Account-$6,712.58; Court Trust 9110-$4,147.62. Total expenses for June were $364,795.39.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel and indigent matters.

   Present for the meeting were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.