JULY 22, 2010

From this ChairÖ

By Cloann McNall

   Itís summer time and time for school reunions. Itís interesting to hear the talk about how things are now with former students and memories of years gone by.

   Sept. 2 Joint School District will ask patrons to vote on a bond for remodeling and construction to the Orofino and Timberline schools to accommodate current and forthcoming students.

   Itís easy to criticize the board and other personnel but after attending a couple of meetings to hear discussion on the bond Iím convinced on this issue the board did the best job possible for taxpayers.

   After hearing it will cost homeowners with a home of $100,000 value only $24 additional tax dollars per year with the Homeowners exemption and $12 without, I for one will vote to pass the bond.

   People express concern about todayís youth and what the future holds for them and now is our chance to support them through education as to what appears to be a bleak economical future for them.

   Taxpayers did it for me and my children and I will continue to support the schools.

   I think the current school board did the best job possible on this particular issue.

   They appointed citizens to serve on a task force and did a certified telephone survey to arrive at their decision on the bond amount and what to do with the money.

   As a business person one thing stood out most to me and that is when the board made the decision to make cuts in the building program rather than use all the districtís reserve funds.        

   Thanks for the school board and committees for their work.