JULY 15, 2010

Donations needed for young cancer patient

Katie Barron   Orofino’s Katie Barron, daughter of Russell and Jessica Barron, was recently re-diagnosed with leukemia.

   Katie was originally diagnosed with the disease in 2008. About nine months ago, doctors informed the family that the cancer was gone.

   Three weeks ago, the family was informed that a more aggressive leukemia had made it into Katie’s spinal column.

   Katie, her parents, and her nine-year-old brother, Tyler, are currently staying at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, WA.

   The family has temporarily been dislocated from their Orofino home and is in need of donations to help with traveling costs, as well as food and other expenses.

   Donation jars have been distributed in Orofino, and bank accounts in Katie’s name have been set up at AmericanWest Bank and Lewis Clark Credit Union.