JULY 15, 2010

Fraser community news

By Norma Brand

    The work on the indoor bathroom project at the Fraser Community Center is continuing. This project will also include upgrades to the kitchen.

    Last week, Carl Stemrich and his crew installed the underground water tank. Chris Anderson, owner of Clearwater Pump of Orofino will install a pump for the system. When the tank is filled with water it will be the first time the building will have a source of safe, drinkable water. In the past, water had to be brought in containers for making coffee and punch.

    The members of the Fraser Grange built the kitchen onto the building when they moved in. They would be very proud of the decision by the board members to upgrade the building. They would also want to thank everyone who has supported the fundraisers to make this remodel a possibility.

    The Stemrich crew also installed the septic tank and the leach field.

    The Fraser Park Board was pleased to have so many 4-H members help paint the picnic tables at the park. Linda Beard reported approximately 25 members and their parents turned out on Thursday, July 8. By the end of the day most of the tables and benches had a new coat of paint, and then it was time for ice cream cones and root beer floats.

    This was a great community project and now our park will be beautiful for all the visitors this summer. Thanks again to the members and their parents for all their work.

    Fraser Park is the only park owned by Clearwater County. Claud Judd wrote about how the park came to be in his book “Judd’s in Fraser Idaho.” Lawrence Judd was a Clearwater County Commissioner at the time. Because of his foresight we now have a beautiful park for everyone to enjoy.

    Gusty winds blew across Fraser Tuesday afternoon. Our temperatures dropped to 48 degrees during the night.

    Janet and Pete Kingen have had a busy summer. On Memorial Day weekend they hosted a party at their home. Pete’s nephew, Sam Border and his wife Karen spent the day with them. Jolene and Richard Bearhouse and their daughters, Kolleen and Brad Torgerson, and the Kingen’s daughter, Julie Woods joined the group. They visited the cemeteries, had dinner and played games.

    Janet and Pete drove to Coeur d’Alene for the 4th of July weekend. While the rest of the family camped out at the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, the Kingens stayed at their daughter’s home in Post Falls. They were glad they weren’t out at camp, because a rainstorm hit the area and the campers got a little wet. Colette and John Subert drove over from Spirit Lake, WA and Consta and Valentine Manriquez, their son Daniel Gomez, his wife Glennis and children Juliete, Maria and Mario came from Seattle.

    Pete is now busy with haying season. Sam and Karen Borders are at the ranch to help him.

    Katie Bird drove to Walla Walla, WA to visit her parents, Margo and Evan Anderson. Shelby and Cody remained there for a two-week vacation with their grandparents. Cody took swimming lessons and Shelby took riding lessons.

    Shelby wants to be a veterinarian when she graduates. She had a busy eight-hour day at a local Vet Clinic while she was at her grandparents. First she accompanied the vet on a farm call to check on a horse, then she went into surgery to watch an animal spayed, later she watched while an abscess on a steer’s forehead was lanced. She will have a lot to tell her friends when she starts school in the fall.

    Katie reported that Mike is busy with the hay season and when she goes back to school in the fall she will have a busy teaching schedule.

    Over the 4th of July weekend Clarabell Brown enjoyed a visit from her grandson Garrett Brown, his wife Stacey and their two daughters, three year old Leora and one year old Matilda. They returned to Boise after visiting family members in Lewiston.

    While talking about the past, Clarabell remembered attending the “First” 1860 Days Celebration in Pierce. She also remembered when the town of Weippe had a drug store, a movie theater, a bowling alley with two lanes, a barber shop, several stores and a hotel. After graduating from high school she had a job at the Selective Service Office in Orofino, she remembered she preferred to work at something that she could see the results of her labor, like canning or working on the farm. She left this job when she married Marvin Brown in the fall.

    Linda and Mike Beard enjoyed a visit with Mike and Cindy Yakkis last week. They are our new neighbors on Highway 11. They golfed with Mike at Kaylor’s Bend Golf Course last Thursday. Linda reported that Cindy is involved in quilting. She will enjoy visiting with Sharon McHone at the Material Girls Quilt Shop in Orofino.

    The Midnight Sun Welsh Pony Farm has a new addition to their herd, a little filly named Midnight Playmate was born to their mare, Whisper My Name Mister. She is a palomino withy four white socks and a blaze on her face. Sharon says she is just what she ordered.

    The new colt isn’t the only baby on the farm; they now have eight ducklings. Do you remember the story of the baby house duck named Peeps? She thought she was a human because she lived in the house. In all fairness to the duck they finally had to introduce her to the other ducks by corralling them in a fence. Well, the mother of these eight babies is Peeps.

    The McHones recently traveled to Seattle to watch their granddaughter Karlie play basketball with an AAU Tour Team. After the games their daughter Michael Peebles took her daughter Lynsey and Karlie on a trip to Hawaii. Mike and Sharon brought the two younger granddaughters back to the farm for a vacation. Leigha and Kayla helped take the eight baby ducks down to the pond while Sharon had to keep an eye on Peeps. She apparently is a very protective mother and didn’t want anyone handling her babies. Ask Sharon about the ongoing saga of Peeps the Duck.

    Linda and Mike Beard send Happy 66th Birthday Greetings to Linda’s cousin, Rich Gregg, on July 16. Rich and Carol will be at Fraser Park for the 5th Annual Bluegrass and Old Country Western Jam Session the end of July.

    Happy Birthday goes out to Katie Bird on July 20 and to Breyer Boyer on July 21. Happy Anniversary goes out to Dave and Wanda Strong on July 18 and to Mike and Sandy Dahl on July 22.