JULY 15, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Board reviews RFQs for Biomass Feasibility and Use plan

   The Board met with Chris St. Germaine and Loren Whitten-Kaboth at the July 6 meeting to review the RFQs for the Biomass Feasibility and Use plan. They reviewed and scored the submittals received from HDR, Siemans, McKinstry and Tetra Tech. Two project scores were reviewed. Three were chosen to be interviewed. The consensus is to ask McKinstry, Siemens and Tetra Tech. 

   The Board approved and signed the request from the County Extension Office for $3,500 of Craig-Wyden Title III monies for the Sixth Grade Forestry Tour for educational opportunities. 

    The Board also approved and signed the Reimbursable Agree- ment No. 1DTFH70-10-E-0007, Amendment No. 2 ID PFH CDP 67(2), Grangemont Road Brush Removal, and Amendment No. 1 and Amendment No. 2. 

   IT/Networking/Re-addressing report was reviewed with Angela Vander Pas. The estimate for a cooling unit in the server room is $3,376 for the unit and $1914 for electrical and labor from Inland Metals was discussed.   The consensus is to approve the quote for equipment at Inland Metals.

   The Commissioners convened as the Board of Equalization to hear an appeal of an assessment as provided by Idaho Code Section 63-501A.   Present was Assessor Mellisa Stewart, and the Appellant was present for this meeting on protest of valuation of RP36NO1E179000A.

   The Chairman (Ebert) explained the purpose of the Board of Equalization (BOE) is to ascertain if property owners with like properties are being treated equally and to assure uniform market values for assessment purposes are being used by the assessor.  In doing so, the BOE must ensure that it does not compromise value in an effort to either appease the assessor or the taxpayer. The Board of Equalization is charged to do nothing more than assure the market value established by the Assessor is correct and in accordance with Idaho Code 63-501 and 63-502.   

    Upon hearing testimony from the appellant and assessor on the valuations the Board voted to take the information under advisement and make a final decision later.

   Rob Simon reported on the Grangemont Road Project. The Western Federal Lands Highway Administration (WFLHWA) Engineer asked for more trees to be removed from the right of way at MP 11 and 12 which is on State Lands. The engineer also asked the County to close the road to through truck traffic because of the deterioration of the road surface and for safety concerns.

   The WFLHWA wants the hauling closed for the deterioration and safety of the crews surveying the road. The consensus is to slow the traffic down to 35 MPH. If this is not adhered to then the road will be closed to heavy hauling until after the construction is completed.

   The contractor is supposed to move the crusher up this week.  The approach to Campbell’s pond will be reviewed with the engineers this week also.

   Treasurer Jeannie Johnson presented information on two Warrants of Distraint on personal property for delinquent taxes. The County gave a tax extension on MHPHONOAH 00030A for $196.16 until April 15 and the owner did not pay anything. It went to Warrant of Distraint. The total $260.52 is owed for the Warrant of Distraint and the property MPH ONOAH0030A will be posted for Sheriff’s Sale.

   The second parcel to go to Warrant of Distraint is MHPAA LNR00041A. The consensus is to have the property posted for Sheriff’s Sale.

    Also, the BOCC approved to cancel $74.97 on RPA1675000 0700AA.  

   Three executive sessions were held to discuss personnel and indigent matters. 

   Chairman Don Ebert, Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach were present for the meeting.