JULY 8, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Grangemont Road Project discussed

   The Grangemont Road project was discussed with April and Fred Allen at the Clearwater County Board of Commissioners meeting held June 28. Their concerns are the existing potholes that need to be fixed to make it safer for travelers. The pot holes at the 12 mile stretch have become worse and travelers drive too fast for conditions resulting in damaged tires or accidents.

   The surface replacement project on the Grangemont Road is ready to begin in July. There is signage in place warning for the conditions of the road, which is under construction, to slow down and beware of rough spots. The public can miss the signs very easily. There are big construction signs in place on each end of the Grangemont Road, off the Wells Bench Road and Highway 11. The heavy hauling will cease during the construction phase alleviating some of the traffic.

Solid waste fee cancellation

   The Board approved and signed the request of cancellation of solid waste fee on RP36NO2E174800A, therefore cancelling a total of $2,198.02, for the solid waste fees.

P&Z hearing

   The Board held an open public hearing to consider the information and recommendations from the June 21 Planning & Zoning (P&Z) meeting for the following zoning applications. Chair asked Ms. Kaufman to present the staff findings and decisions from the P&Z Hearing on the following application:

   (SSB100041) A Class S Subdivision Simple Subdivision request by C. Vernon Huddleston to divide 5.46 acres into 2 lots. Lot A +/- 3.74 acres, Lot B +/- 1.72 acres. This property is located in Section 17, Township 35 North, Range 04 East, located on Lombard Road, Weippe; Zoned Medium Density Rural District F-2.

   The decisions from the P&Z Hearing on June 21 and the Findings of Facts signed June 21 were presented. The applicant, Mr. C. Vernon Huddleston, was represented by Dawn Huddleston and Larry Huddleston. P&Z Commission recommends Board approval.

   Upon the testimony, findings and Board deliberation, Chairman Ebert stated that the Board could approve it based on the recommendation from the P&Z Commission that it meets the requirements of the ordinance. The Board approved the Class S Subdivision application by C. Vernon Huddleston since it appears to meet the Clearwater County Subdivision Ordinance requirements.

Records destruction

   Clerk Carrie Bird submitted a request for approval of a resolution for records destruction of old elections documents. The Board approved and signed the Resolution #10-06-11 for records destruction of temporary records being stored by the Auditorís election storage room.

County cell phone policy

   The proposed county cell phone policy was reviewed with department supervisors and elected officials. An updated draft was presented. The changes were to reflect the IRS requirement to be established. If the policy is not set then the employees have to declare the cell phone use as a benefit.

   The cell phone policy sets a maximum use allowance. If there is a set number of minutes and no policy set, if audited the Clerk will have to provide copies of all the phone bills and each department will have to explain overage charges. The Board approved and signed the County Employee Cell Phone Use Policy.

Salary claims, current expenses

   Salary claims for the period of 5/16/10 to 6/12/10 were approved and paid in the following amounts: Current Expense, $55,573.67; Road and Bridge, $38,723.03; Ambulance, $15,072.20; Court, $10,886.46; Justice Sheriff, $58,926.12; Justice Jail, $19,142.89; Justice Prosecuting Attorney, $15,870.50; Social Services, $2,310.40; Revaluation, $9,139.23; E-911, $906.96; Solid Waste, $7,072.91; Weed Control, $2,907.96; Waterways, $4,193.24. Total payroll expenses were $240,752.57.

   There were two executive sessions held to discuss personnel and indigent matters.

   Present for the meeting were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.