JULY 1, 2010

White Bird bronc rider at the White Bird rodeo.

Rodeo Trail

By Coleen L. Jones of Onyx Photography

   With the U.S. economy taking a serious fall in the past few years it has definitely taken its toll on business and recreation sports here in Idaho. With gas hikes and lower purse money for some rodeos it has been tough to draw the cowboys and cowgirls to our local arenas here in the panhandle.

   Onyx Photography puts her best cowboy boot forward to donate as much as she can to help keep this western tradition alive and running. A slow start this year with Onyx, but the passion is still strong and holding. If I had my choice, I would not miss any!

   First one up, White Bird Rodeo! This little rodeo has been running strong now for 21 years. I remember when the first one took place; Hammer Creek on the Salmon River is where it all began. Itís amazing a town of 300 people show such great dedication and rodeo style for such a small town.

   The photo taken two weeks ago in White Bird is one of the Bays boys from southern Idaho. These young men can ride...itís a photo shot each time they doll up to letíer rip as the shoot gate opens. It doesnít get any better than this with a bucking horse and rider here in the state of Idaho. I would guess we will see these boys in Vegas at the NFR some day. Soon, I hope. God bless these young men.

   Second one up, Kamiah Rodeo! These folks have really worked hard to keep this rodeo alive and on its feet, Kamiah being such a small town. They sure do one heck of a job. My support is with them all the way. Keep it up Kamiah!

   Kamiah showed us a little old school rodeo this reason with a promise. Dave Taylor of Kamiah gave the ride of his life on Sunday to support his friend that died of cancer. Who says you are too old to give it another shot. Great job, Dave!

   You can view some of the photos of these two rodeos on line at under Coleen L. Jones. Write your review. You can also call Onyx photography at (208) 827-0098 for any questions on photos taken at both events.

   Support to keep the small rodeos in Idaho is the prime focus for Coleen L. Jones of Onyx Photography.

Bull rider Dave Taylor of Kamiah during the Kamiah rodeo.