JULY 1, 2010

Fraser news

By Norma Brand

   The bulletin board, located at the entrance to the Fraser Cemetery, has an explanation of the Memorial Stone and its use.

   Larry Nims of Ida-Stone Memorials engraved the names of William Snyder and Rod Twedell on the stone. Fraser Cemetery board member, Steve Brand, spent several hours with Larry as he worked on the stone.

   If you would like more information, please contact one of the following board members: Mike McHone at 435-4750, Dale Stuart at 435-4477 or Steve Brand at 435-4354.

   The cold, rainy weather has finally cleared away and the Fraser area has started to dry out. The seeds in our gardens have begun to sprout, and the flowerbeds have been weeded.  The grass isnít growing as fast, so we donít have to be on the mowers every three to four days.

   The iris flowers have been spectacular; they will be missed now that the season is almost over. The rain has been good for the hay fields, when it dries up the farmers will be busy getting that crop into the barns, and the cattle, horses and llamas will have food for the winter. The cycle of life in the country continues to keep everyone busy.

   Peggy and Reggie Ball enjoyed a visit from Reggieís mother, Ernestine Ball and her friend Lonny Northcut.

   RoseAnna Thornton drove the Brookside Landing residents to Elk River for the day. They enjoyed lunch at the Log Inn before returning to Orofino. Peggy and Reggie Ball accompanied the group and Peggy was put to work serving the drinks. It sounded like everyone had a good time.

   Mike and Linda Beard are back at their ranch; they had driven to California to visit family, then continued on to Sun River, OR to play golf.

   Cory and Michele Brown and their daughters Izzy, Caitlin, Abby and Samantha enjoyed a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Norma spoke to Izzy on Monday about their trip. She reported they had a great time and enjoyed touring the park. Izzyís favorite part of the trip was the trail to Yellowstone Falls, and Caitlinís was the geyser Old Faithful.

   While they were there at Old Faithful they toured the lodge. They saw lots of geysers, but Mammoth Hot Springs and the Sheep Eaters Cliff were also very interesting. On their way home they stopped at the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center and Caitlin and Abby joined Izzy on a special trip designed for children ages five through 12.

   The family had a great time and took pictures of their vacation. Ask them about their trip the next time you visit with them.

   Donna and Danny Brown enjoyed a visit from their son Kevin and his wife Katy and their twins Spencer and Natalie. Brad came home for the weekend and the rest of the family joined them for dinner on Sunday night.

   Izzy reported the twins really like to go down the slide and to jump into the pool. Sound like everyone had a great time. Kevin and Katie and the twins returned to Kelso, WA on Monday.

   Happy Birthdays go out to Emma Brown on July 2, Toby Cox on July 4 and to Keith Lutes and Larry Schlader on July 7.

   Have a safe and fun Independence Day, the 4th of July weekend is a great time to go camping and enjoy our wonderful forests and rivers.