JULY 1, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Board hears budget request for Drug and Mental Health Courts

June 21, 2010

   Lisa Martin and Joan Nuxoll, District II Drug and Mental Health Court Coordinators, met with the Board to discuss a budget request for Drug and Mental Health Courts. Also present was Prosecuting Attorney Clayne Tyler. They are requesting County support of the drug and mental health courts of $189 per month. This money would be used for mileage reimbursement for the coordinator, incentive prizes, graduation cakes and office supplies. The information presented was taken under advisement and consideration of the request would be given during budget hearings.

   Clerk Carrie Bird met with the Board of County Commissioners at the June 21 meeting to discuss the consolidated election funds and how they are to be used.

   Sheriff Chris Goetz met with the Board for his weekly update. The Board approved for two sheriff’s office employees to go over their allowable comp time hours.

   The Board met with Planning & Zoning Administrator Bobbi Kaufman. She said she would have a quorum for the Planning & Zoning meeting. In order to get the quorum, one member will be present telephonically, which is allowed by state statute. She also discussed the comp plan with the Board.

   Van and Bonnie Thompson met with the Board to discuss their assessment of a cabin they own in Elk River. Also present was Deputy Assessor Susan Spencer. Information and pictures were presented to the Commissioners for review. The Thompsons are asking that their 2009 assessment be consistent with the corrected grading for the structure. After obtaining additional information from Ms. Spencer the Board agreed to a partial credit towards their 2010 taxes.

   The Board met with North Fork District Ranger Doug Gober. Gober updated the Board on anticipated Forest Service projects that are scheduled to take place with stimulus money and capital investment funds.

   Road Supervisor Rob Simon met with the Board for his weekly update. He reported that there doesn’t seem to be any major problems resulting from the rain.

   Eric Christean met with the Board to discuss the status of the Old Peck Grade and inquire about possible abandonment of the road. The Board suggested he seek legal counsel.

   The Board held a hearing to consider the annexation and de-annexation petition of residents from the Orofino Rural Fire District into the Sunnyside Rural Fire District. Present were Johnny Stewart, Marshall Cook and Ernie Tuning. After consideration of the testimony presented, the Board voted unanimously to order the annexation of the properties into the Sunnyside Fire District as presented in the petition.

   There were two executive sessions held to discuss personnel and indigent matters.

   Present for the meeting were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.