JUNE 24, 2010

Father celebrates Father's Day

By Norma Brand

   The weather on the Fatherís Day weekend was cool and rainy. Early Sunday morning, the temperature in Fraser was 51 degrees. We were also hit by another big down pour around 4 a.m. thankfully it let up before the Fatherís Day breakfast started. A fire was built in the wood stove and the building was warm and cozy before everyone arrived. Thanks to Reggie Ball and Ed Berreth for adding wood to the stove to keep everyone comfortable.

   Several years ago, Roy and Mary Cochrell donated a big electric grill to the community center and Dan Stickney installed the electric service. It was a great way to cook the pancakes for the breakfast, and with Steve Brand in charge, there was always a supply of fresh cakes in the warming oven. Another bit of trivia, RoseAnna and Carl Thornton donated the electric warming oven to the center.

   The members of the Fraser Get-Together Club handled the kitchen duties. Thanks to Donna Brown, Judy Berreth, Peggy Ball, Sally Marks, Bev Bailey, Dolores Watson and Norma Brand for making sure there was plenty of scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages, fresh baked biscuits, sausage gravy, orange juice and coffee ready for everyone.

   Before she left for the day, Bev Bailey delivered take out meals to Clarabell Brown and Marie Green who were unable to attend.

   The Club estimated they served breakfast to around 65 to 70 area residents and campers. This was a great community event and it looked like everyone who attended had a good time. After the expenses were paid a donation of $200.50 was turned over to the Fraser Community Center for the bathroom project. The Club sends itís thanks to everyone who supported this event.

   Oreta and Dale Stuart and their grandson, Dustin Denison, drove to Bovill after they attended the Fatherís Day breakfast. They joined Oretaís brother Howard Holt and his wife Diane for their traditional family picnic. Because of the wet weather they decided to have the picnic at the Holtís home instead of at their favorite outdoor spot. Their daughter Lisa Curnutt and her husband Don, their son Mitch and his friend Jeannie Schrecengost and Pat Morey and Darlene Phillips joined them for the day. Oreta reported they spent the afternoon looking at old family photos and had time for a good visit.

   When they returned home, 12 herd of their cattle were back in the pasture by the house. They found where the cattle had actually broken through the fences. This is unusual for their herd because they are gentle, so they figured they were chased by something. Wolves have been spotted on their property in the past so that is a possibility.

   Debi Bordoni recently drove to Albuquerque, N.M to attend the high school graduation of her grandson, Alex Brunty. Alex returned to Fraser with Debi to spend a few weeks at the yak ranch.

   Cathy and Guy Walker drove to Boise over the weekend for an anniversary get away. This year, May was a busy month for them so they didnít get to celebrate on May 15 like they wanted. They were working on remodeling their kitchen and they had to get ready for their son, Jonathanís high school graduation. Cathyís parents, JC and Joyce Bell, came home from Port Hueneme, CA for the graduation and helped with the celebration at Fraser Park.

   Rosena and Lanis Aultz attended the big Rendezvous held near Weippe on Saturday. They found the people who participated to be very friendly. There were approximately 1000 people who traveled many miles to attend this event. Their tour took them back to the 1840ís when the trappers came together to trade and participate in games. The spent 45 minutes in Traders Row and Rosena purchased an awl to use in her craft projects. All the people they met expressed their gratitude for the help they received and for the friendliness of the people in Weippe.

   Judy Berreth and her daughter Minnie West and grandson, Dalton, attended the Shrine Circus held in Lewiston last Friday. Minnie won three tickets at our local radio station KLER, the trouble was they were for one adult and two children. Judy said she couldnít convince the circus ticket takers to let her use one of the tickets so she had to pay for her ticket.

   They each had their favorite animal, Dalton like the elephants, Judy the bears and Minnieís favorite was the tigers. They met Minnieís half-sister Nick Lewis, her husband Jim and their son Ty while they were at the circus.

   Bobbi Boyer made breakfast for her husband Clint on Fatherís Day then they installed a hitching post so she can tie up her horses and put in a water line to one of the pastures at Clintís uncleís farm.

   Bobbi reported Clintís uncle, Jack Nightingale, celebrated his 95th birthday, and the family had a celebration at Fraser Park. Everyone in Fraser sends you Happy Birthday greetings, Jack.

   Monday, June 21 was the first day of spring, it started with a temperature of 47 degrees and the ever-present rain was falling. The thoughts of sunny days have been present in our memories but the clouds have persisted.

   On Tuesday morning we woke up to sunshine, maybe the gardens will have a chance to grow this year.

   Happy Anniversary to Mike and Katie Bird on June 27.