JUNE 24, 2010

Braylon Michael HowlandKaden Darold Howland

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   The Howland twins, Braylon Michael and Kaden Darold, paid their first visit to the home of their maternal grandparents, Darold and Marcie Stanton, this weekend.

   There are no Ďstrings attachedí to the babies anymore as Braylon is free of his heart monitor and Kaden is off oxygen. They were born March 1, 10 weeks premature and spent the first 10 weeks of their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sacred Heart Hospital.

   Their Mommy, Ashley dressed them in matching baseball outfits and took them to the Orofino City Park Saturday to watch their Daddy Bryan play in the Fatherís Day Softball tournament.

   The twinsí Grandpa Darold took them outside the house Friday and showed them his logging truck parked in the driveway.

   I donít think Darold got a lot of response, perhaps if he were lucky, just a lopsided grin and a little drool.

   Family members can tell the difference between the twins although outsiders say they canít. They are good babies and quite pretty for boys. They are chubby eight and nine pounders now. Blue eyes and brown hair.

   The Stantonsí dogs, Angus and Izzy, arenít too happy about the new arrivals but they will adjust. Just a little jealous of all the attention being given to the babies.

   We are looking forward to watching the twins grow up together and seeing their personalities blossom.

   Allís well that ends well.