JUNE 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

IDFG commission delays closure on the Clearwater

By Ed Mitchell, IDFG

   Idaho Fish and Game Commission June 9 delayed the closing of Chinook salmon fishing on the upper main stem Clearwater River and Middle Fork Clearwater until further notice.

   Heavy rains in the past week have made the Clearwater and its tributaries unfishable, and that means anglers have harvested few fish in the river upstream of the Orofino Bridge.

   Fishery managers project that anglers will catch fewer hatchery Chinook salmon in the Clearwater River drainage by June 13 than previously anticipated.

   To make up for the lost harvest opportunity, Idaho Fish and Game asked the commission to extend the season on the main Clearwater River upstream of the Orofino Bridge to the South Fork, and on the Middle Fork Clearwater. Fish and Game will monitor the harvest closely and may close the fishery on short notice sometime after June 20.

   The daily limit on the Clearwater River main stem, Middle Fork and South Fork and the Lochsa rivers is three Chinook salmon, only one of which may be an adult. The possession limit is nine salmon, only three of which may be adults.

   Adult Chinook are 24 inches or more in total length. Only salmon marked with a clipped adipose fin, as evidenced by a healed scar, may be kept.

   Salmon season and limit updates are available at Fish and Game offices, license vendors and online at: http://fishand

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