JUNE 17, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Deyo Reservoir and Wetlands project update

   Marge Kuchynka of Friends of Deyo Reservoir met with the Clearwater County Board of Commissioners June 7 to explain where the Deyo Reservoir and Wetlands project is in the funding process. It was funded through this fiscal yearís Idaho Fish and Game budget to move forward to construction this summer. The project will encompass 95 acres of land donated by Mary Lou Deyo to the Fish and Game and funding of $1.4 million has been allocated. The whole scope of the project has been worked through five phases.

   A pre-bid walk through took place last week on the site. The plans for the site development were reviewed. A bid for construction of a pavilion for use as a picnic site is now incorporated in the project.

   Thirty individuals participated in the walk through for the construction site. The bid opening is slated for June 10. The bid specs included 23 items with 12 items being mandatory. There are options that could be dismissed out of the remaining 11 items. The costs of materials will determine the additional options. Fish and Game and Fisheries have until June 21 for the final selection of the bid and contractor. The contract will then be signed by June 30. Construction could start as early as August.

2010 FY budget reopened

   The Board held a public hearing to re-open the 2010 FY budget to accept the unanticipated revenue and to allocate the revenue to the corresponding expenses and to make needed adjustments in budget amounts. The Road and Bridge budget is being reopened to allocate funds for unanticipated revenue in the amount of $13,215 for the payroll costs for work being done on the Cavendish Highway, and funds will be transferred from the flood recovery to cover the additional expenses.

   The historical budget had $7,500 in expense that was not paid out in the 2008-2009 FY but was carried over into the 2009-2010 budget. The county elections budget needed additional funds for mailing out voter registration cards to change the addresses from E911 rural addressing. The Board approved Resolution 10-06-09 to Re-open the 2009-2010 fiscal year budgets allocating the funds.

Ahsahka water improvement

   Michelle Bly, Progressive Engineering, and Sharon and Tim Barnett, Ahsahka Water and Sewer Board, presented the Ahsahka water improvement project closeout documents for ICDBG-08-II-07-PF. The final quarterly reports were submitted complying with the civil rights requirements.

   The closeout documents for Progressive Engineering, work progress report, contractor invoices and budget completion were examined. The Board approved the motion to authorize Chair Ebert to sign the closeout documents for the Ahsahka water improvement project, activity report, final performance report and the closeout agreement.

Request for funds

   The final request for funds, request no. 17, was presented. The funds are for grant administration and contractor final invoices. Included are the ICDBG progress reports and disbursement report. The motion to sign the final request for funds no. 17 for the contract ICDBG-08-II-07-PF passed by unanimous vote.

Salary claims

   Salary claims for the period of April 18 to May 15, 2010 were approved and paid in the following amounts: Current Expense, $56,078.91; Road and Bridge, $32,875.27; Ambulance, $13,547.60; Court, $10,526.83; Justice Sheriff, $60,689.40; Justice Jail, $18,740.29; Justice Prosecuting Attorney, $16,649.17; Social Services, $2,310.40; Revaluation, $9,139.21; E-911, $453.91; Solid Waste, $7,141.85; Weed Control-$3,034.33 and Waterways, $2,646.09. Total payroll expenses were $233,833.26.

Expense claims

   The Board approved and signed expense claims. The Board also approved and signed the closeout of 2006 Homeland Security Grant Program (2006-GE-T6-0030) and acceptance of the 2010 Emergency Management Performance Grant (2010-EP-E0-0056). The assessorís request to cancel $630.44 on RP37NO1E332413A for 2009 taxes was approved.

   There were two executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.