JUNE 17, 2010

Pickup truck driven by Dammon Everhart. The driver sustained no injuries when his pickup left the roadway, rolling down an embankment and ending up at the edge of the river.

Gerry Layes, driver, sustained no injuries when his van rolled down an embankment before going into the river. Layes climbed out a window and swam ashore.

CCSO responds to two back country vehicle accidents

   The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office responded to two accidents June 1 on U.S. Forest Service Road 250 in the area that runs parallel to the north fork of the Clearwater River. Rain-slickened roads and soft shoulders on the roadway were contributing factors to the non-injury accidents that occurred 30-40 miles east of Pierce.

   The first call came at 11:20 a.m. after Gerry James Layes, 50, of Lewiston drove his van close to the shoulder to allow room for an on-coming truck and camper. His vehicle rolled once down the embankment before going into the river. As the van was floating downriver, Layes was able to climb out the window and swim ashore.

   The Clearwater County Sheriffs Office responded to a call at 7:22 p.m. after a pickup truck driven by Dammon Keith Everhart, 31 of Lewiston, left the roadway, rolled down an embankment, and landed at the edge of the river.