JUNE 10, 2010

School district may ask voters for around $6M for building purposes

   A school bond election for around $6 million for building purposes in District #171 may be put to voters this fall.

   The school board passed a motion Friday to survey the public regarding a possible bond election this fall following the recommendation of the facility workgroup of 10 to 25 school patrons.

   Total cost of the construction is $7.3 million according to architect Laurence Rose with Design West in Pullman.

   The bond will provide for:

   *Adding six attached classrooms at Orofino High School (OHS) and four at the Timberline School (TS).

   *A bus turn around at Orofino Elementary School (OES).

   *Remodeling the OES kitchen and new multi-purpose rooms would be built at OHS and TS.

   The gymnasium at the vacated Orofino Junior High building will be used for at least another year for the elementary gym according to a district spokesperson.

   Monies for the construction will be realized from the bond, plus Federal Forest Reserve funds and the $500,000 building account from sale of school property. The bond would cost a $100,000 homeowner (with homeowner’s exemption) under $2 more per month.

   Starting this fall Orofino junior high students will be moved to OES and Orofino High School. The closure of the junior high will reportedly save the district approximately $200,000 a year. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary last month.

   Last month’s supplemental levy election is for ongoing maintenance and operation of buildings, salaries and benefits. It passed by 219 votes out of 1108 cast.

   An officially identified telephone survey will be made June 14 through June 25 on the forthcoming bond election.

School district conducts telephone survey June 14-25

   June 14-25 School District #171 will conduct an officially identified telephone survey to find out what the patrons want in accordance with the $6M construction bond that may be put to voters this fall.

   The survey consists of 14 brief questions and the caller will identify themselves as being a representative to call for the Orofino Joint School District survey.

   Every sixth name on the district’s registered voters list will receive a call. The survey calls for 250 responses. The representative will ask for a specific person in the household to survey and if they are not available the caller will offer to make arrangements for a better time to reach the specific person. Most calls will be made during evening hours.