JUNE 10, 2010

Five mid-‘50s OHS classes plan joint reunion June 11-13

By John Werner, ‘55

   For the second time in less than a decade five mid-‘50s OHS classes are planning a joint class reunion in Orofino, this time during the second weekend in June. Well over 200 classmates and spouses from OHS ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56, and ’57 are coming back to Orofino to celebrate.

   The three-day gathering starts Friday eve, June 11, at Orofino City Park and continues Saturday, June 12, at the Best Western Convention Center, and into Sunday, June 13, with a picnic at the park.

   ”We found getting together with adjacent classes whom we hadn’t seen in nearly 50 years was so much fun in 1991 that we are repeating the idea again this year,” said Merle Bobbitt Loseth, OHS ’53, who has been overseeing the preparations with the planning committee.

   Other planners who have been working more than a year on the event include Duane Millard, Dale Richardson, and Joanne Shriver Hutchinson ’53, Larry Blenden, Gerri Konkol Bird, Gerri Roby Lemmon, Pat Adams Millard ’54, Sue Hutchinson Blenden, Bud Schwartzkopf ’55, Beverly Nelson and Jolene Leonard Peirson ’56, Rae McArthur Thomason, Joanne Mullikin Montambo, and Joan Danner Williams ’57.

   Besides all over Idaho, classmates from Australia, Alaska, New York, Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, and California are expected. Teachers and coaches from the ‘50s era have been invited as guests of the assembled classes, including coaches Monk Montgomery and Art Neumayer, music and band directors Wally Schenk, and Woody Bausch, the latter who will take class photos.

   “In 1991 we found out how much we enjoyed seeing friends from adjacent classes,” Ms. Loseth said. “Each class has its own periodic reunions, but—as much fun as they are—you get to see only your own classmates, every decade or so. So the five-class event lets us again meet up with close friends and schoolmates from long ago, for some really good visiting and catching up. Lots of us had best friends from adjacent classes.”

   Orofino should be abuzz in nostalgia trips, June 11 to 13.

   For more information, contact John Werner (914) 725-1643 or