JUNE 10, 2010

5 Years Ago

   Orofino High School junior Jessica Roby was selected to participate in the Tourney Sport USA Volleyball team in Hawaii in June 2005.

   Rotary Teacher of the Year is Patty Reggear, Orofino Junior High School.

   Incoming student body officers at Orofino High School are Gerry Hosley Jr., president; Capri Savage, vice president; Stephanie McPherson, secretary and Hanna Uhling, treasurer.

   The 2005 golf team members are Brian Hanson, Taylor Norbeck, Shanna Herman, Ramando Luha, J.Z. Savage, Phillip Morin, Cody Grimm, Andrew Martin, Jesse Wityczak, Adam Allen, Josh Anderson, Shelby White and Daniel Alldrin.

   Janet Montambo, CMC, City Clerk/Treasurer of the City of Orofino, has been awarded the prestigious Municipal Clerk Award from the International Institute of Clerks for achieving its high educational experience for service requirements.

25 Years Ago

   Seventy-nine seniors received diplomas at Orofino High School.

   Members of the Orofino Junior High track team were Ron Frederiksen, Travis Reggear, Jeff Schwartz, Mike Kennedy, Jeff Hanson, Seam Simmons, Guy Nielsen, Arlis Lougee, Carl Shively, Todd Mullins, Jason Doran, Rick Butler and Charles Carver. Chad Easterbrook is their coach.

   Jim Wilson received the oath of office as Clearwater County Commissioner. Court clerk Allen Medalen administered the oath. Wilson was appointed to replace Lanny White, who resigned.

35 Years Ago

   Joe Stenkam and Steve Strottman have been named to take part in Boys State at Boise.

   Vicki Hudson and Crystal Brown are top seniors in scholastic honors at Timberline High School.

   Larry Hanson has hired a contractor to begin construction of the final house in J. Miles Subdivision, occupying the 37th lot in the development that began in 1959. First house on the old hospital garden site was built in 1960 by Roy Brooks and purchased by Art and Marty Johnson.

   June 17 will be a red letter day for North Idaho when the ribbon is cut on the new Whitebird Grade, built during a five year period at a cost of 7 million.

45 Years Ago

   Royalty for the 1965 Lumberjack Days  will include Cathy Steiner, Betty Lou Wilson and Cindy White.

   Lois Harryman and Marty Johnson were chosen winners of the Beta Sigma Phi Girl of the Year Award presented at the Founders Day celebrations.

   A capacity crowd filled the Orofino Elementary Gym as Orofino High School graduated the largest class in history. One hundred five graduates received diplomas.

55 Years Ago

   Temperatures hit the high for the year with 86 degrees May 27 and varied to 61 for the week. Low readings varied from 42 to 50 degrees.

    Rising water swept most of the logs out to the North Fork and Potlatch Forest’s annual log drive picked up speed as Mother Nature lightened the load of rearing crews, who have been pulling “centers” and wing jams and other caught logs for a three week session.

65 Years Ago

   First Lieutenant Herbert and Mrs. Ripley are the parents of a son, Michael Ray, born May 17.

   Expansion of air control of mountain sections of the Clearwater Forest will mean curtailment of steady operation of 15 lookout stations again this year.