JUNE 10, 2010

Orofino City Council

Officer William Pollick to serve in armed forces

June 8 meeting

   Officer William Pollick has submitted his resignation from the OPD force, effective July 19. Chief Wilson expressed his appreciation and loss to the force, as Pollick will be leaving to serve in the Guard for one year. After that he will reenlist in the Army. Wilson said it is always hard to lose a good officer, but in this case, Officer Pollick is ready to place himself in harm’s way for his country.

   There has been an emphasis on parking issues. With the onset of fishing and tourist season more campers and boats have been parking illegally on streets.

   Traffic has been monitored recently, on upper Michigan Avenue, with the aid of the speed trailer, Residents have reported more awareness in speed limits. Approximately one-third of the cars monitored have driven in excess of the 35 mph speed limit. Data will be downloaded for educational purposes.

   Chief Wilson expressed his thanks to Orofino High School and Les Schwab for providing materials and supporting recent training that took place in the OHS parking lot in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Department. Approximately 10 officers, from both agencies, trained and were certified in the use of stop sticks. Videos were made for future training purposes.


   Four petitions were made to the council: Chris Merry petitioned for lenience in the city park closing hours in support of a Whiffle Ball Tournament to be held June 26. He stated that it may take a little longer to have everyone exit from the park. The request was granted to extend closing time until 11 p.m.

   A request from Pastor Stewart Mackey was approved for a Patriotic Concert to be held in the city park July 3 at 2 p.m. 

   A request was made by the city for the Idaho Transportation Department to study the pedestrian crossing of SH-7 at Cedar Street concerning the safety of elementary students crossing that location to reach the school bus. ITD will provide and erect School Bus Stop Ahead signs and work with the school district on having adult crossing guards, defined school bus pickup locations, and designated student walking plans.

   Council received four letters of concern regarding daycare limits. Due to misinformation and an attempt to clarify the situation for concerned citizens, a letter will be drafted to address those concerns. Concerned parties will be notified and invited to the upcoming meeting concerning daycare issues.


   A first reading of Ord. No. 766 took place. The ordinance relates to calling a special election for water/sewer revenue bonds not to exceed $8,500,000.

   The council made a motion to suspend the rule requiring three separate readings of an ordinance, and passed it after this first reading.

   Resolution 10-412 concerning retaining the law firm of Moore, Smith, Buxton, and Turcke, of Boise, as counsel for a special bond election to be held Aug. 3, 2010 was passed.

Administrative report

   Rick Laam reported the city administrative staff is very busy with the upcoming water project, transportation plan, and airport plan, in addition to their regular duties.

Future meetings

   The Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the City Council chambers, 217 1st St.