JUNE 3, 2010

Two teens arrested with stolen vehicle

   Josh Michael Lombard (Eller) and James Jesse Dillon Walker, both 18 and both of Weippe, were placed under arrest early Thursday morning, May 27, while in possession of a stolen vehicle, according to Orofino Police Department (OPD).

   Police became aware of the pair when Officer Tyler Carson, while off duty in his residence at approximately 1:45 a.m., spotted a light-colored sedan as it roared past at an estimated 80 mph, according to OPD. The posted speed limit was 25 mph. Officer Carson reported hearing a loud engine that sounded as if it was being pushed to its mechanical limits, according to OPD. He advised Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch of what he had observed.

   The vehicle turned around and drove at an estimated 70 mph in the opposite direction, according to OPD. Officer Carson responded from his residence to pursue the vehicle, and the pursuit ended near Transfer Station Road, Highway 12. Corporal Eric Dodge and Deputy Guy Cordle arrived on scene to assist Carson.

   After the suspects were placed under arrest, Officer Carson learned that the vehicle had been stolen from a Weippe residence, but had yet to be reported stolen, according to OPD. During a cursory search of the vehicle, officers found items believed to be stolen from the Weippe area in a prior burglary; along with an illegally altered firearm.

   According to OPD, Lombard was placed under arrested for Driving Under the Influence (minor under 21), Reckless Driving, Possession of Certain Weapons by a Juvenile, Possession of Stolen Property, Driving Without Privileges, and Minor in Possession of Alcohol, pursuant to Idaho State Codes 18-8004(1)(D), 49-1401(1), 18-3302(F), 18-2403(4), 18-8001, and 23-949.

   Walker was arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Possession of Certain Weapons by a Juvenile, and Possession of Stolen Property, pursuant to Idaho State Codes 23-949, 18-3302(F), and 18-2403(4), according to OPD.