JUNE 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Fish and Game changes Chinook salmon harvest limits

By Ed Mitchell, IDFG

   The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has changed the daily and possession limits for Chinook salmon on the lower Salmon River and the Little Salmon River, as well as the statewide annual limit.

   On the lower Salmon and Little Salmon rivers, the daily limit is five Chinook salmon, only three of which may be adults. The possession limit is 15, only nine of which may be adults.

   The statewide limit for all waters has gone up to 40 adults for 2010.

   Daily and possession limit in other waters open to Chinook salmon fishing have not changed.

   The daily limit on the Hells Canyon reach of the Snake River from Dug Bar to Hells Canyon Dam is four salmon, only two of which may be adults, and the possession limit is 12, only six of which may be adults.

   The daily limit on the Clearwater River main stem, North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork and on the Lochsa River is three Chinook, only one of which may be an adult. The possession limit is nine salmon, only three of which may be adults.

   An adult Chinook is 24 or more inches in total length; a jack is less than 24 inches in total length.

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