JUNE 3, 2010

OHS Golf team has amazing season

By Ashley Sartini

   It is truly an amazing season of golf this spring! Watching kids, whom some have never played golf in their life turn into golfers and team players were inspirational to me as a coach – Ashley Sartini.

   First and foremost we appreciate Orofino Golf Course and Kaylers Bend Golf Course for allowing our team to use your facilities this season.

   As the season began we knew if we wanted to play in tournaments all around North Idaho we were going to have to do some major fundraising. Our golf program is fully funded on our own. We had several fundraisers this season to help us pay for our golf program.

   The first fundraiser we did was our Drive-A-Thon which we did in March, where each golfer had a chance to raise money on their longest drive. This was fun for everyone including those who got to sponsor the golfers.

   During the Drive-A-Thon we had a business, Riverside Pizza and Pub that sponsored our team for the season and we appreciate them and everyone else that supported this fundraiser.

   Secondly we had a fundraiser tournament for Orofino and Kendrick golf teams at Orofino Golf Course, where people came and played from as far as Spokane, WA to support each team. It was fun and even the kids were able to play in this tournament.

   We asked several businesses in the community to sponsor a hole and the outcome of sponsorship was amazing. The Orofino and Kendrick Golf teams appreciate the businesses and everyone who helped make our fundraising tournament successful this season.

   Lastly we had a car wash at the local Edward Jones office to help raise money for our district tournament in Post Falls. Again we appreciate everyone that made a donation and got their cars washed.

   We greatly appreciate Brandy Kellar, Randy Steiner, Danna Smith, Lorae Tallmadge and Marcy Bonner for volunteering their time. These individuals helped with fundraising, course management, tournaments and much more.

   As the season went on we played in a lot of matches and tournaments. Here are the scores of each match and tournaments that was played this season:

   Quail Ridge Golf Course – March 18, 9 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 49; Austin Hengen, 57; Dusty Kellar, 61; Justin Smith, 62; Dylan Ford, 69; Abraham Guitron, 69.

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 56; Jenni McPherson, 69; Amanda Bonner, 71.

   Quail Ridge Golf Course – March 25, 9 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 49; Corey Kleer-Larson, 66; Dusty Kellar, 49; Justin Smith, 45.

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 59; Amanda Bonner, 59.

   Bryden Canyon Golf Course – April 5, 18 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 104; Dusty Kellar, 107; Justin Smith, 112; Chandler Lytle, 116; Corey Kleer-Larson, 126; Dylan Ford, 114; Abraham Guitron, 128.

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 97; Amanda Bonner, 126.

   Kayler’s Bend Golf Course – April 13, 9 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 51; Dusty Kellar, 50; Justin Smith, 56; Chandler Lytle, 54; Clinton Garrett, 61.

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 59; Amanda Bonner, 59; Jenni McPherson, 64; Darby Browning, 50; Beth Salzman, 62.

   Quail Ridge Golf Course – April 23, 9 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 44; Dusty Kellar, 47; Justin Smith, 49; Chandler Lytle, 48.

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 52; Amanda Bonner, 62; Jenni McPherson, 56; Darby Browning, 63; Beth Salzman, 63.

   Quail Ridge Golf Course – April 24, 18 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 128; Dusty Kellar, 111; Justin Smith, 106; Chandler Lytle, 126; Dylan Ford, 131;

   Girls – Vanessa Martress, 112; Amanda Bonner, 141; Jenni McPherson, 125; Darby Browning, 111; Beth Salzman, 142.

   District Tournament Links Golf Course Post Falls – May 10, 18 Holes

   Boys – Chris Tallmadge, 98; Dusty Kellar, 114; Justin Smith, 127; Chandler Lytle, 112; Dylan Ford, 120.

            Girls – Vanessa Martress, 110; Amanda Bonner, 127; Jenni McPherson, 118; Darby Browning, 127; Beth Salzman, 137.

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