JUNE 3, 2010

Summer art contest for teens: “Paint the State”

   A summer art contest for 13 – 18 year olds, called “Paint the State”, is being sponsored by the Idaho Meth Project. The contest calls for teens to create art in public places with an anti-Meth theme. In each of the 44 Idaho counties, there will be a first place award of $1,500, a second place award of $1000, and a third place award of $500.  Over $135,000 in prize money will be awarded throughout the state.

   Teens are encouraged to work with friends, family, businesses, churches, and the community.  Teens may work as a team to create their art.  Adults can help teens gather materials and get permission for their displays.

   This public art will be judged on three qualities.  Up to 40 points of the judging will be on the Meth prevention message.  Teen artists may use the “Meth: Not Even Once” theme or other anti-Meth theme.  Also, up to 40 points of the judging will be on originality, creativity, visual appeal, and presentation.  And finally, up to 20 points will be judged on public visibility.  Is the artwork seen by a lot of people?

   This teen art work can take many forms.  It may be displayed in a storefront window, painted on the side of a building, drawn with chalk on a sidewalk, or created on a banner displayed in a prominent spot.  The art can the three-dimensional, like an old car painted creatively and parked in a highly visible place or a sculpture beside the highway.  The art can be made of natural materials, like crop art or arrangements of stones and driftwood.

   Teens must register by mail, postmarked no later than June 15, or on-line by June 18 in order to participate.  Parent or guardian permission is required for those under 18.  Photographs of entries are due online July 11.  The art must be on display publicly from July 12 through July 18 this summer.  Winners will be announced August 6.  Go to for contest details.