JUNE 3, 2010

Mike Hoffman to retire June 4

   Mike Hoffman will retire from the Idaho Soil Conservation Commission on June 4. There will be an open reception to honor Mike at the Ponderosa Restaurant banquet room on June 5 from 6 to 8 p.m.

   Mike moved to Orofino in 1990 and spent the last 20 years with the Commission as a Water Quality Resource Conservationist. His career involved providing assistance to landowners to improve resource conditions on farms, ranches and forestland that would ultimately improve water quality of local streams. 

   He spent most of his time with local land managers, students, and agencies to form partnerships to assess water quality conditions and implement strategies for improvement. 

   Mike secured several million dollars in grants administered by the Clearwater Soil and Water Conservation District to improve water quality.  He also worked in neighboring counties, and prior to moving to Orofino he worked in Ritzville, WA with the Adams County Soil and Water Conservation District.

   Mike will continue to live in Orofino and seek new employment opportunities. Please come to the reception on June 5.