JUNE 3, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Konkolville Water System Upgrade Project discussed

   The Professional Services Contract for Grant Administration with CEDA for the Konkolville Water System Upgrade Project ICDBG-10-II-12-PF was presented at the May 24 Board of Clearwater County Commissioners meeting. CEDA will administer the block grant funds for the environmental review, construction administration, compliance and reporting. Also the County will enter into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Konkolville Water Company.

   The County sponsored the CDBG to receive funding of $360,000 for construction of a new water distribution system to serve the Konkolville Addition. The Board approved and signed the MOU with Konkolville Water Company and the Professional Services Contract with CEDA for the Konkolville Water System Upgrade Project ICDBG-10-II-12-9F.

Employee medical benefits

   Tim Marks from the Gem Plan presented information on the County’s participation in the employee’s medical benefits. The Gem Plan board reached a decision on the premiums based on the County employee’s claims. The independent auditor’s report was reviewed. The plan is in compliance with the department of insurance. There are monies beyond the start costs and monies in reserve.

   The claims information for the County was reviewed. The loss ratio is what is paid in premiums in proportion to what is paid out in claims. The County is running at 95 percent, which is a little over the average. The pooling concept works. The County loss ratio is running close to the industry standards. It was decided there wouldn’t be a savings going to a private insurance company.

   The new health care law was reviewed. Updates are being monitored daily. The rules and regulations are not defined yet. One rule is the age of dependents is increased to the age of 26 years. The rules haven’t been defined and the effective date has not been established. The law focuses on expansion so everybody will have some medical coverage, control health care costs and improve the health care delivery system.

Exhibit building, barn and arena improvements

   The Board met with fair board members Jeannie Hood, Linda Applington, Diana Colgan, Oreta Stuart and Alan Hengen and City Administrator Rick Laam regarding concerns for improvements in the City Park to the exhibit building, barn and arena. The board will research costs for painting the buildings.


   The FY 2009 independent audit was reviewed with Phil Nuxoll and Kathy Smolinski from Presnell Gage and County Clerk Carrie Bird and County Treasurer Jeannie Johnson. Nuxoll explained that the audit is composed of a financial statement and a multi-part report. The report will have to be adopted and then an official copy filed with the state legislative auditor and federal single clearing house auditor.

County’s net worth improves

   The net worth of the County improved over 2009 up to $10,242,365 for assets. The total is net assets. The balance sheet, in fund balance and the changes in fund balance were reviewed. The reconciliation of statement of revenues, expenditures and changes in fund balances are explained in the statement of activities. The Board accepted the 2009 Financial Statements and directed Presnell and Gage to release the report to the State and Federal agencies.

Expense claims

   The Board approved and signed expense claims. The Board approved and signed the catering permit for RC Ball Log Inn LLC for May 29 in Elk River. The Board approved and signed the Riverside Water and Sewer CDBG final pay request and invoices. They also approved to cancel the solid waste fees for 2010 tax year on MHPOSWANE000180A.

Executive sessions

There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.