JUNE 3, 2010

From this ChairÖ

By Cloann McNall

   Last weekend we had a Meet the Tweets party at my house for some of our immediate family members visiting from southern Idaho and Spokane. We call the Howland twin boys the Tweets. They were born nine weeks premature March 1 but are now at home in Lewiston living it up with mama Ashley and daddy Bryan.

   Baby boy Kaden Howland arrived at the house Sunday with his portable oxygen tank stashed away in a little bag that resembles a miniature golf bag. His older brother by two minutes, Braylon, showed up with his small black heart monitor case that I call his briefcase.

   Is this a prediction for their future? Will Kaden be the athlete and Braylon the businessperson? Only time will tell.

   People ask, ďAre they good babies?Ē Yes, they are. They cry when they are hungry and other than that they sleep.

   With the Howlands we had a houseful of guests and fun for the Meet the Tweets party. Included were my daughters, Lynette Codr, her two daughters and two grandchildren from Meridian, Diane Baldwin of Spokane, the Tweets maternal grandparents Darold and Marcie Stanton and the Phantom and his son, Andy, of Lewiston.

   During the sunny afternoon Sunday my guests had a chance to meet another newcomer to this world, Savonni Garrett, as she was being strolled past the house by her mother, my neighbor Amanda Wilhelm. Iíve known Amanda since she was two or three-years-old.

   Savonni is a month-old now and pays frequent visits to the home of her adoring grandparents, Sally and Rob.Wilhelm.

   It is startling to me at times to realize I am now enjoying the third generation of children.

   I have lots of advice to give but is anyone listening? I didnít think so.