JUNE 3, 2010

Back Country Medics called to check on Forest Service staff

   When two Clearwater National Forest staff working in the backcountry did not make a scheduled radio call Sunday night, plans were set in motion to use the most expedient way to check on their welfare.

   Back Country Medics launched early Monday morning to check in the upper parts of Kelly Creek to check on the man and woman.

   North Fork District Ranger Doug Gober said that the two were out on the first trip of the season with stock. When no radio contact could be made, the decision was to call Back Country Medics due to the remoteness of the area and the time it would take to transport anyone by ground if there had been injuries.

   Fortunately, when the staff members were found, they were okay. There had just communication problems. Gober said that they are investigating other communication devices so that there is not a replay in the future.