MAY 27, 2010

11th Annual Orofino Rotary Log Drive

By Randy Steiner

    This Fourth of July, for the eleventh consecutive year, the Orofino Rotary Club will be floating six inch pieces of 2x2 lumber down Orofino Creek to raise money for the Orofino Rotary Foundation, Inc. It states in the first sentence of the bylaws that the foundation was established to:  enhance the future of the youth of Orofino through education!

    The Orofino Rotary Foundation has 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. Why is that important; it makes the foundation exempt from taxation and makes all of your contributions to the foundation tax deductible.

    When you buy a log drive ticket, that ticket is your proof of a $5 donation to a non-profit organization and therefore usable as a receipt for deduction from your income tax return if you choose to itemize. That’s a very cool thing!

    For the third year, the Log Drive is officially part of Orofino’s 4th of July Celebration. Also, Rotary has taken over the food preparation with part of the proceeds going to the fireworks show.

    In an effort to become an even more active part of the community, a Rotarian now sits on the 4th of July planning committee and we hope to only enhance the popularity of that celebration in Orofino along with the Chamber of Commerce.

    I have personally been involved in the Log Drive since its inception in 1999. I can think of no project that’s more rewarding. Taking an average of ticket sales, in the last eight years, the log drive has raised over $40,000. That’s split right down the middle between prizes for the first three logs to win the race down Orofino Creek and the foundation.

    Hopefully soon, thanks to the generosity of the many people who have bought log drive tickets, the Orofino Rotary Club will have raised enough money in the scholarship fund that the interest will pay for one local senior in District 171 will receive a full year’s tuition to attend college.

    After that goal is accomplished, we will continue to raise money to match inflation and expand the boundaries of the scholarship. What better thing to invest money in than the future education of the youth of our community?

    People ask me when I sell them a log drive ticket if I guarantee they’re going to be a winner. “Absolutely,” I reply, “by donating to the higher education of the youth of District 171, you’re already a winner!” Tickets cost a measly $5 and can be purchased from any Rotarian. Help us help our youth, go out and buy a ticket, or 2 or 10 for the special price of $50!