MAY 27, 2010

Cory Graffunder (center) of Oak Hills, CA was the Pro Class winner in both the light and heavy divisions. Shown (l to r) are trophy girls Kacie Presnell and Kim Bonnalie, Graffunder, OCI Princesses Robyn Britton and Katherine Uhling, and OCI Queen Megan Gering. Photo by C.L. Photography

Graffunder wins Orofino EnduroCross pro divisions

   The third annual Orofino “Logger”cross was held Saturday, May 22, in the Orofino City Park under cloudy skies, cool winds, and a few sporadic rain shows. Even with the cooler weather, the park took on a festival atmosphere with food booths, motorcycle riders and families, and almost 3000 spectators throughout the day.

   Qualifying events started at 2 p.m. and the main events started at 6:30 p.m. There were 154 entries including nationally known professional riders – Cory Graffunder, Kyle Redmond, Rory Sullivan, David Kamo, Jeff Aaron, Jaime Lanza, Derek Mahoney, Joe Kopp (professional flat track racer), Jon Seehorn, and Josh Buell. The pros traveled to Orofino to try for the $10,000 purse and the Las Vegas quality “logger” style course.

   The Endrocross is a labor of love for Dale Barger who spearheaded the crew two years ago and made believers out of everyone who doubted it could be done in Orofino, much less in such a small area as the logging arena at the park. Members of the Orofino Motorcycle Club, plus a large group of “laid off loggers” recreated last year’s course, and added a swinging bridge of logs, rolling logs in the burling pond, and riding over a log truck trailer of logs.

   Members of the Orofino Motorcycle Club extend their thanks to everyone involved – the workers who spent hours before and after the event setting up and tearing down the course, flaggers who spent 10 hours out on the course, announcers and crew, staging area workers, wrist band/gate crew, lap counters, result keepers, the many wonderful sponsors in our community, vendors, and the people of Orofino who came out and enjoyed the event.

   In most classes, trophies were awarded to the top five placements. Below is a listing of those who completed the main event.

   50 CC (12 entries): 1st Michael Corder (Orofino); 2nd Trace Hanson (St. Maries); 3rd Nick Schofield (Orofino); 4th Nick Bashaw; 5th Colton Howard (Nampa); 6th Ryder Cram (Orofino); 7th Kody Kopp (Mica, WA); 8th Dalton Wynn (Orofino); 9th Noelyn Shriver (Orofino); 10th Landon Hudson (Orofino); 11th Holland Losey (Orofino)

   65 CC (9 entries): 1st Bruce Miller (Orofino); 2nd Dillan Davis (Orofino); 3rd Dre Wynn (Orofino); 4th Josh Wilson (Spokane, WA); 5th Sam Morris; 6th Brandon Barton (Orofino).; 7th Hayden Losey (Orofino)

   85 CC (7 entries): 1st Justin Smith (Orofino); 2nd Damon Mitchell (Orofino); 3rd Dre Wynn (Orofino); 4th Connor Shockman (Ahsahka); 5th Alex Weldy (Lewiston); 6th Art Ponozzo (Lewiston); 7th Mary Shriver (Orofino)

   85CC OPEN (10 entries): 1st Cody Fendley (El Dorado, CA); 2nd Trey Dennison (Rathdrum); 3rd Skylar Kelso (Weippe); 4th Luke Corder (Orofino); 5th Walker Reggear (Orofino); 6th Jordan Weldy (Lewiston); 7th Kyle Shriver (Orofino); 8th Tallon Hughes; 9th Payton Lawrence (Moscow); 10th Dillon Davis (Orofino)

   BEGINNER (13 entries): 1st Derrick Crawford (Kendrick); 2nd Sean Simmons (Orofino); 3rd Luke Corder (Orofino); 4th Tory Knapp (Orofino); 5th Chandler Lytle (Lenore); 6th Bruce Miller (Orofino); 7th Kevin Collins (Deary); 8th Jacob Anderson (Ahsahka); 9th Joe Fliger (Juliaetta); 10th, Jared Schlapia (Melba, ID)

   AMATEUR LIGHT (less than 250 cc) (19 entries): 1st Waylon Caldwell (Asotin, WA); 2nd Chris Sexton (St. Maries); 3rd Seth Russell (Orofino); 4th Mitch Reggear (Orofino); 5th Logan Hudson (Orofino); 6th Jarek Browning (Orofino); 7th Ryan Cochrell (Orofino); 8th Skylar Kelso (Weippe); 9th Jared Erlewine (Orofino); 10th James Sloppy (Clarkston); 11th Adam Emerson (Lewiston); 12th Josh Eastman (Culdesac)

   AMATEUR HEAVY (more than 250 cc) (28 entries): 1st Ellery Newton (Athol, ID) 2nd Waylon Caldwell (Asotin, WA); 3rd Justin Walker (St. Maries); 4th Chris Sexton (St. Maries); 5th Jeremy Deming (Coeur d’ Alene); 6th Gerrit Krielaart (Sagle, ID); 7th Aman Sterling (Coeur d’ Alene); 8th Jeremy Hedrick (Orofino); 9th Warren Joiner (Fernwood); 10th Lonnie Newton (Athol, ID); 11th Brandon Shaffer (Rockford, WA); 12th Gerritt Phillips (St. Maries); 13th John Eastman (Culdesac); 14th Matt Loomis (Donnelly)

   VETERANS (40 years & older) (11 entries): 1st Alan Deyo (Orofino); 2nd Lonny Kopp (Worley); 3rd Troy Joiner (Fernwood); 4th Dan Hughes; 5th Sean Carlock (Rathdrum); 6th James Johnson (Clarkston); 7th Jim Engle (Orofino)

   A total of $10,000 was paid out to the top 5 finishers in each of the pro classes.

   PRO LIGHT (22 entries): 1st Cory Graffunder (Oak Hills, CA); 2nd Kyle Redmond (Lake Hughes, CA); 3rd Rory Sullivan (Oregon City, OR); 4th Kevin Rookstool (Grants Pass, OR); 5th Jeff Aaron (Bailey, CO); 6th Jaime Lanza (Belmont, CA); 7th David Kamo (New Plymouth, ID); 8th Chaun McAlister (Coeur d’ Alene); 9th Josh Adams (Coeur d’ Alene) ; 10th Greg Cratzr; 11th Cody Hanson (St. Maries); 12th Joe Kopp (Mica, WA); 13th Josh Buell (St. Maries); 14th Derek Mahoney (Sandpoint); 15th Kyle Kubibschek (Boise)

   PRO HEAVY (23 entries): 1st Cory Graffunder; 2nd Geoff Aaron; 3rd Jamie Lanza; 4th Kevin Rookstool; 5th Rory Sullivan; 6th David Kamo; 7th Jon Seehorn (Fairfield, WA); 8th Kyle Redmond; 9th Josh Adams; 10th Joe Kopp; 11th Kyle Kabibschek; 12th Greg Cratzr

Pro riders competing in the EnduroCross are shown on the log bridge placed beside a water filled pond on the track. The track is popular with both pro riders and spectators. Photo by C.L. Photography

David Kamo, New Plymouth, and Cory Graffunder race in the Pro Heavy Class. Photo by C.L. Photography

Cory Graffunder in a race. Photo by C.L. Photography

Cory Graffunder puts on a smoke show in celebration of his first place win. Photo by C.L. Photography