MAY 27, 2010

Orofino City Council

LLC to build new hangers at airport

   The Airport Committee met May 18, to discuss future expansions of the airport and what usage will benefit the city.

   The Committee submitted a report on a building proposal by LLC, (Johnny Stewart and Jerry Branning are two of the members). LLC proposes building four (4) T-hangers on Lot 3, leaving Lots 1 and 2 vacant for city use. Ron Banks, a committee member approved moving the issue out of committee for immediate action.

   A motion was passed accepting LLC’s offer with stipulated conditions. The cost of relocating the fuel system will be LLC’s responsibility.


   Keith Burch, owner of The Yacht Club, made a petition for a pro-rated fee on the remaining six-month’s use of a liquor license, as his business will begin June 21. The liquor license was granted, but the request for pro-ration was denied, because it did not meet with the present city ordinance in effect. The deadline Birch is trying to comply with was set by the state not the city.

   Bids were accepted on a piece of real property owned by the city, which had formally been listed as “surplus property.” The winning bid was made by Chris Nekich in the amount of: $8,100.

   Cindy Beck asked the council to consider making a walking path adjacent to the airport, between the airport and Hwy. 12. She said that many people would benefit by using that access when walking or exercising as a safe alternative to walking along the highway. Councilman Roy Clay said that had been considered in past years, but it had been determined that strip of land was considered “wet lands” and not practicable for making a permanent pathway.

   The June 2010 calendar of events was accepted as presented.

Administrative report

   Rick Laam reported on working on a block grant for the city water system. He also discussed an upcoming random survey of residents and how it will be conducted.

   Exhibitors from 57 countries will be coming to the Snake River Boat Builders Export Program in Lewiston in 2010, which will focus on positioning the Lewiston/Clarkston region as the “Jet Boat Capital of the World.” The intent is to increase markets in the European Union, with a focus on Germany. A motion was passed allowing participation in this program to attract future business to this area.

Future meetings

   The Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the City Council chambers, 217 1st St.