MAY 27, 2010

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   The co-publisher of this newspaper, aka my daughter Marcie Stanton, has been slipping down river and spending  a lot of time lately hanging out with a much younger crowd.

   She’s been cruising around with them in their two-seater  motored by ‘mommie’ power. Last I heard they were at Starbucks in Lewiston and being admired by Butch Alford and his son Nathan Alford, publishers of the Lewiston Tribune.

   The two young gentlemen in the open air two-seater are newcomers to Lewiston. The older one Braylon wears a corset-like cloth monitor across his abdomen attached to a small suitcase in which there is a monitor for his heart. The monitor goes everywhere he goes. I call it his briefcase.

   His look-a-like passenger Kaden has a portable oxygen tank stashed away in his compartment of the six-wheeler. At home he has a full-sized commercial tank with a long tube attached to it so he can travel all through the house with oxygen prongs up his nose.

   Much of the time the two little fellows fall over sideways in their gray roadster and their caretaker occasionally needs to prop up their heads.

   In spite of the sleepiness, tubes, monitors, oxygen tanks, diapers, bald heads, hairless little bodies and toothless little mouths these two small gentlemen attract attention with “Ohs and ahs,” wherever they go!

   Hmmm….I wonder. Will it still be the same for the Howland twin boys 80 years from now?