MAY 20, 2010

Receiving Science Awards at Timberline High School’s awards banquet May 12 are Austin Blain, Audrey Mayberry, and John Meyer.

Timberline High School’s Awards Banquet

By Nancy Tschida

   Timberline High School held its annual Awards Banquet May 12. This annual event is to honor academic excellence in pupils and acknowledge parents for their contributions resulting in the success of their children. THS staff and the community join in this celebration. Co-sponsors are THS and Wells Fargo Bank. The White Pine Rebekah Lodge #60 hosts the evening at their Weippe Lodge and prepare the meal for the honored guests.

   Twenty-six pupils were honored and presented awards. These pupils are: 9th grade - ShyAnnah McCollum, Nichole Foster, Frances Michels, John Meyer, and Aspen Jared; 10th   grade - Brittney Berreth, Audrey Mayberry, Christina West, Shannon Williams, Christen Lalonde, & Samuel Brotnov; 11th grade - Sawyer Sutton, Colten Jared, Morgan Newcome, and Kendrick Jared and 12th grade - Ayla Hutchins, Jonathan Walker, Lundyn Jared, Sommer Baker, Sheilah McCollum, Austin Blain, Amy Reichenberg, Kody Sheets, Gillian Thomas, and Kristina VanCorbach.

   Awards included: Departmental Awards for, English, Social Studies, Computers, Science, Mathematics, Spanish, and Technical-Professional; Special one for Citizenship; Presidential; Silver awards for GPA of 3.3- 3.49 and Presidential Gold awards for GPA 3.5- 4.0.

   The Pierce Chamber of Commerce was given special recognition as a supporter of THS pupils and programs. They sponsored two academic field trips to LCSC this spring and are giving seniors the total of $800 in two scholarships.

   Mrs. Jorgenson gave a presentation about the UN Pilgrimage/East Coast Historical trip, which was awarded to Jonathan Miles. Jonathan competed against pupils from five schools to win this trip and explained the process. The competition included a written test and an oral speech.

   Mr. Miles will spend two weeks touring the historical sites on the east coast including the UN. Jonathan is one of two pupils who will represent Idaho for 2010. The Rebekahs have sponsored an area pupil to attend this for over 60 years. The community’s support with their many fund raisers enables them to offer this opportunity.

   The National Honor Society’s induction of new members was conducted by the officers and members. Requirements for membership include a 3.5 GPA and recommendation based on personal qualities of service, scholarship, leadership, and character. Members in their senior year conducted the ceremony.

   Austin Blain introduced it, others discussed qualities of members: Service presented by Sheilah McCollum, Scholarship by Jonathan Walker, Leadership by Sommer Baker, and Character by Austin Blain. Advisor, Mrs. Blain coordinated the lovely ceremony in which Christina West, Shannon Williams, Christen Lalonde, and Samuel Brotnov became new members.