MAY 20, 2010

School levy passes by 219 votes

   The May 18 supplemental levy election for school maintenance and operations passed Tuesday night by a margin of 219 votes. There were 4,430 registered voters at the time of the election, and 1108 ballots cast. Of those ballots cast, one was rejected as invalid, making a total of 1107 ballots accepted.

   In Cavendish School (polling place) there were 22 yes votes and 47 no votes. Peck Elementary School cast 33 yes votes and 12 no votes. Pierce Community Center had 73 yes votes, 23 no votes, and one invalid vote. USFS Building counted 88 yes votes and 70 no votes. Weippe City Hall reported 74 yes votes and 81 no votes. Orofino Jr. High had 219 yes votes and 139 no votes. Orofino Elementary School counted 154 yes votes and 72 votes against the measure.

   The levy was set for $1,740,000, (one million, seven hundred forty thousand and no/100 dollars), $250,000 more than last year. The tax monies will continue to support the ongoing operational budget to maintain area schools for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011. The levy was not for new construction.

   School District 171 is comprised of schools in Orofino, Weippe, Peck, and Cavendish.