MAY 20, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Riverside water improvement project nearing end of construction

   The Clearwater County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing May 10 on the Riverside Water Improvement Project with Walter Steed, Nancy Jennings and Calvin George. This project is nearing the end of construction. Owyhee Construction Company is doing a great job.

   The last of the work is service hookups. The total for all the phases of the water improvement project is for seven million dollars. The project worked through the various phases, hooking up 594 connections, new transmission lines and storage tanks.

   The Board approved and signed expense claims, approved the liquor license for Riverside Pizza & Pub and also approved and signed the Elk River Fuels Reduction Contract between Clearwater County and Howard Hoskins (DBA site Prep Services). The Board approved the Request for Proposal/ Qualifications for Energy Efficiency Improvements for the grant administration.

Public health budget proposal

   Carol Moehrle, Public Health Director for Idaho North Central District presented the fiscal year 2011 budget proposal. The Idaho North Central District is comprised of Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis and Nez Perce Counties. There are seven public health districts in the state of Idaho. The funding sources for the public health budget comes from the state, regional counties, contracts, fees, Medicaid and insurance.

   The amount of funding being requested from the counties is at a lower amount for some because of changes in population or market value of assessed properties. The counties contribute 18 percent of the total proposed budget.

   The fiscal year 2011 proposed budget is $4,222,393. The public health board wanted to keep the overall budget the same in order to keep the amount of state funding. The revenue is down and expenditures are down. The amount from Clearwater County reflects an actual decrease based on changes in the local population and market values. The County proposal is $59,397, which is lower than the 2010 budget of $61,403.

   The consensus is to accept the fiscal year 2011 budget proposal for Idaho North Central District Public Health. Commissioner John Allen has the Board’s proxy vote of approval for the May 27 budget hearing.

Unanticipated revenue

   Clerk Carrie Bird reviewed the Notice of Public Hearing to receive unanticipated revenue of $13,240 for the Road and Bridge payroll for the Grangemont Road brushing project. The County will reopen the historical budget because the $7,500 funds were not paid out of the 2008/2009 fiscal year. The expense needs to be budgeted out of the 2009/2010 budget year.

Elections budget

   The elections budget will need to have additional funds added in the amount of $620 for the mailing out of voter registration cards for address changes from E911. The Board took the information under advisement.

Expense claims

   April 2010 expense claims were approved and ordered to be paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$25,981.93; Road & Bridge-$67,710.40; Ambulance-$11,479.06; District Court-$1,806.25; Justice Fund-$64,909.44; Social Services-$4,773.37; Parks and Recreation -$429.18; Revaluation-$1,606.84; Enhanced 911-$271.00; Solid Waste-$37,493.60; Current Expense Tort-$4,280.22; Weeds-$11,516.47; Waterways $16,737.40; Dent Bridge Trust-$1,042.84; Insurance & Grants-$4,624.54; Hospital Loan Trust Account-$6,712.58; DMV Trust 9112-$19.84; Court Trust 9110-$3,244.92. Total expenses for April were $264,639.88.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Chairman Don Ebert, Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach were present for the meeting.