MAY 20, 2010

From this Chair…

By Cloann McNall

   To the best of my knowledge Larry and Chris Coonts were the first persons from Orofino, outside the immediate family, to see the Howlands’ newborn twin boys since their return from NICU at Sacred Heart in Spokane.

   Larry and Chris were in a Lewiston restaurant Saturday when Ashley and other family members took the twins into the restaurant.

   Chris said “We’ve prayed for them every day.” Thanks so much to Chris and all others who remembered the twins in prayer. God is the Great Physician.

   Braylon now weighs 7 lbs., 14 oz. and his younger brother by two minutes, Kaden now weighs 6 lbs., 11 oz.

   Much to my surprise when we arrived in Lewiston Saturday the twins’ mother Ashley Howland wanted to take the twins out for dinner and then to Sunset Park where Ashley, the twins and I had our picture taken for a story in the MedStar newsletter.

   MedStar contacted us several weeks ago after reading in the Clearwater Tribune about my trip on their plane two years ago and then Ashley’s flight on MedStar from Lewiston to Spokane two months ago where the twins were born nine weeks premature.

   The twins are now plump as two little apple dumplings in spite of the fact Braylon temporarily wears a heart monitor and Kaden is on oxygen for a few more weeks. They are good babies. They rarely cry and are busy sleeping when not eating.

   I can tell them apart although they share a strong resemblance.  

   I recall when my youngest daughter Marcie was a newborn, and her older sister, Diane, who has always been diplomatic, said to me one day “I don’t know why people think babies are so cute. They are just bald, toothless little people.”

   But ‘oh’ so beautiful to all those who love them!