MAY 13, 2010

Pierce News…

by Leslie Potratz 464-1023

Louie’s 92nd Birthday

    There will be an open house/potluck May 15th at the VUG from noon4 p.m. to help celebrate long time Pierce resident Louie Ogden's birthday. Bring a card a hug and your favorite potluck dish or just stop by to visit!

Historic Pierce Cemetery Friends

    Concerning our Memorial Flag project, our goal is to display flags at the Pierce Cemetery on special days. This project intended to beautify our cemetery and honor our Veterans and loved ones who have served and sacrificed for us. The purchase price of $100 includes the flag, memory plaque, flagpole, hardware to attach flag and in-ground pole holder. Any individual or group may purchase a flag in memory of a Veteran or loved one regardless of whether the person is buried at the Pierce cemetery.

    We are pleased to report our Memorial Flag project has now progressed to 30 flags! We have five flags still available for sale as of this date. At the beginning of this project it was decided by the members to display the flags five holidays of the year; Memorial Day (May 31st), Flag Day (June 14th ), Independence Day (July 4th), 1860 Days (Aug 7th only) and Labor Day (Sept 6th). We will try to continue with this schedule again this year. Set up time will be 8 a.m. and take down time will be 7 p.m. the exception of Labor Day due to earlier sunset. Rain and/or snow will cancel set-ups.

    We appreciate all the help in the past with setting up and taking down the Memorial Flags, but quite honestly we desperately need more help! Please consider spending some time helping with this worthwhile project. If you can help, call to get on the schedule.

    Normally we order flags and plaques twice a year, but it has been decided to hold off on ordering as well as putting in any more in-ground pole holders due to a possible in-ground penetrating radar project and /or irrigation updates the Cemetery board may be involved in this summer and fall.

    Consequently, our beautification project of plants and flowers, as well as the purchase and placement of grave markers for the unknown will also have to be put on hold.

    In the past we have held two fund raisers a year, an 1860 Days booth and a Memorial Flag raffle. We also had a baked food sale along with a Thanksgiving Dinner Basket raffle at the Holiday Bazaar. We plan on doing these projects again this year.
    The strong support from members of the community is gratefully appreciated. Watch for reminders and updates in this column a few weeks prior of each holiday. If you have questions or comments, please call Patty Goodrich @ 464-2333, Cathrine Carlson @ 464-2737 or Cindy Flury @ 464-1125.

Pavilion Project

    The Pierce Gem Team is planning construction of the new Pavilion at the Play Park to begin this month (weather permitting) and already over $3500 has been received in donations. For those that would like their name or the name of a loved one memorialized in the Pavilion, they can pick-up a donation brochure around town or give me a call. Donors will receive a copy of the Pierce Chronicle.

Sesquicentennial Event

    This past Saturday marked the May event of the Pierce Sesquicentennial celebration. Hopefully, you didn't miss this engaging encounter with Mary Todd Lincoln! Played adeptly by Janet Worthington, and sponsored by the Idaho Humanities Council, this event was mesmerizing. Mary Todd Lincoln was 'in the room' at all times, from being introduced by our Mayor, Greg Gerot, to the final sentences, when she asked, “are there any other questions for myself, or for Janet Worthington?” All who did participate learned a great deal more about history in the “first person”, and later enjoyed ice cream and good conversation with Mary, or Janet, and we thank everyone for coming.

    The June Sesquicentennial event will feature a presentation by Keith Peterson, of the Idaho Historical Society, on Sunday, June 13, the day after the Deer Creek Fishing Tournament. Make sure you mark your calendar, and look for more information on both of these events.

    The Miner's Claim Card will be stamped at both events! If you have the Miner's Claim Card, when you have 10 events stamped for the this year, you are eligible for the end-of-year drawing for the 1 oz. gold miner charm donated by Dan Vaughan of The Vug. Check the value of gold, my friends, you will want to get your Claim Cards stamped, and be part of this very special 150th year.

    There is still time to claim ten events, and you can pick up a Claim Card at the next event.

1860 Days

    Everyone who wishes to be involved with this very special year (150th!) will want to attend the next meeting of 1860 Days; Thursday, May 13, 6 p.m. at A Blue Moose, the former IOOF Hall, in Pierce. We are getting ready for the best celebration ever of Pierce and 1860 Days! The rummage sale is set for next month, and anyone who is cleaning out closets, basements, etc., is invited to drop off their treasures at Blue Moose. Remember, all of the proceeds from this sale go toward our three day event--it goes back to you!

    We need more volunteers for all events so don't forget this date--you will want to be part of the fun!