MAY 13, 2010

Clearwater Power installs wind turbine, solar panels

Installation on headquarters is part of demonstration project

   Clearwater Power Company (CPC) has installed a wind turbine and solar panels at their Lewiston headquarters as part of their net metering demonstration project. 

   Many people are interested in putting in wind or solar power in their own backyard. The project was installed for educational purposes to demonstrate the actual costs and electric generation from typical residential systems.  The project also demonstrates how to connect to the electric grid safely and legally.

   Live data from CPCís net metering project can be viewed at  including kilowatt-hour generation data, local weather information, system specifications and actual cost information.

   The 1,000 watt solar array consists of six 165-watt panels. The wind turbine is capable of generating 2,400 watts.  The turbine is mounted on top of a 45-foot pole.  A sign board at the project explains more about the equipment and is designed to create a self-guided tour. Groups and individuals are welcome to come out to our Lewiston office at 4230 Hatwai Road and see the demonstration project.

   Net metering is a method of measuring electricity used and produced at a home or business with its own renewable energy generation, like wind or solar. When more electricity is being generated than is being used, the meter turns backwards, crediting the account the full retail value of the electricity. 

   When the electric use is more than that being generated, the meter turns forward. The member pays for the net use at the end of the billing period.  CPCís net metering policy and agreement is available on our website.

   Photos of CPCís net metering project can be viewed at

   Clearwater Power Company is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative serving electricity to over 10,000 accounts in 11 counties in North Central Idaho, Eastern Washington and North Eastern Oregon.