MAY 13, 2010

Clel Fay runs for Clearwater County Commissioner

Clel Fay   Clel Fay is running for Clearwater County Commissioner in the Republican primary May 25.

   Clel was born in Lewiston in 1954 to Andrew and Mae Fay. He grew up in Orofino and was educated in Orofino schools, graduating from Orofino High School in 1972.

   After graduation Clel joined the U.S. Army and was trained in Air Defense at the U.S. Army Air Defense School at Fort Bliss, TX. He was stationed with air defense units at Fort Bliss, TX, the Republic of Korea, and Fort Ord, CA.

   He left the military and attended Hartnell College in Salinas, CA, graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree in 1984. After college Clel was employed by Electronic Data Systems as a data center operations manager. When the account closed Clel briefly returned to Idaho and then moved to Virginia where he worked for Badger Fire Protection and later for Tridim Filter Corporation.

   In 2005 Clel returned to his hometown, Orofino, to retire. He was appointed to the City of Orofinoís Planning and Zoning Commission in 2007 and currently holds that position.

    Retirement has proved elusive as he has recently been involved in the cedar business, a physically demanding but rewarding job based in the timber industry.

   Clel currently resides in Orofino with Insuk, his wife of 35 years.