MAY 13, 2010

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   The twins arrived home in Lewiston Saturday one day before their original due date which was Mother’s Day May 9. The twin boys Braylon and Kaden Howland were born nine weeks early, March 1 and had been at Sacred Heart in Spokane since that time.

   A big banner across the front of the house welcomed them home.

   The twins arrived home with a heart monitor and oxygen. They appear to be making great progress but Braylon needs a little more time on the heart monitor and Kaden needs a few weeks more on oxygen.

   It’s a relief to the family to know that their mother Ashley (Stanton) is a registered nurse and knows how to care for them.

   The Phantom said this week, “The twins couldn’t have picked a better mother than Ashley.”

   Their father Bryan is just as devoted as Ashley and when the twins were first born I asked “Are you ready for this, Bryan?” and he said, “I’ve been wanting this for a long time.”

   It’s been a treat to watch my grandkids grow up and mature into responsible productive citizens. It’s also been rewarding to see other young people mature and show roles of leadership in our community.

   It was interesting at the Chamber Auction Friday night to see Heather (Schlader) Burnham and Stephanie (Thornton) Deyo hosting the auction.

   I never knew Heather when she was younger but I certainly enjoy seeing her now as she works for the Chamber. She’s a bright, enthusiastic young woman who brings a lot of life to the Chamber.

   First time I saw Stephanie was one chilly morning six years ago when I noticed a new girl in town. She walked by the Tribune several times and I commented on ‘a new girl in town.’

   Next thing I know this girl, Stephanie was in my office applying for a job at the paper. She had finished college and married a local boy Matt Deyo a few months earlier.

   She told me “I walked by several times trying to get up nerve to come in here.” I hired her and she worked here for a year before going to work for the Clearwater Valley Hospital Foundation. She has progressed in her career there and is this year’s president of the Orofino Chamber of Commerce.

   Another success story is Andrea Dell who went to work at the Clearwater Tribune just out of college and has become what I feel is a genuine newspaper woman. She’s learned the trade and the lingo. Her mentor at the paper is my daughter, Marcie Stanton.

   It is such a pleasure to see maturity and success in the younger generations. They have the energy. I have the memories!