MAY 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

Fishing in Idaho: It's better than ever

   The fishing is great in Idaho, and people are catching on; more people are fishing now than anytime in the past decade.

   In 2009, Idaho Fish and Game sold 473,576 fishing licenses, the most since 1999. More good news, sales through March 2010 are well above the same time in 2009. Resident fishing license sales are up 19 percent; resident junior licenses are up 27 percent; resident disabled licenses are up 36 percent; two-pole permit sales are up 5 percent; nonresident licenses are up 7 percent; three-day salmon and steelhead permits are up 33 percent; and steelhead permits are up 15 percent.

   The increase in fishing license sales is not just an indication of good fishing; it is also proof that fishing represents affordable recreation in spite of the current state of the economy.

   To fish in Idaho, anglers need a fishing rod and a valid fishing license, unless they're under 14. Licenses and fishing rules are available from any Fish and Game office and from a long list of vendors. Anglers are on their own for the rod, reel and lures.

   It's easy to get started, and Idaho Fish and Game can help. Check out the Fishing section of the Fish and Game Web site - - and click on the section called Learn to Fish. It includes basic information on getting started, how to identify fish and several opportunities for beginning anglers.

   In addition Fish and Game's Fishing Planner at: http://fish, can help anglers find fishing spots all over the state, how to get there and what kind of fish they'll find when they do. Simply type in the name of a lake or stream or click on the "recommended fishing waters."

   For an Idaho resident a season fishing license good for an entire calendar year costs $25.75; a daily license $11.50 and $5 for each consecutive day; steelhead or salmon permit $12.75; two-pole permit $13.75. A lifetime fishing license for anyone up to one year old costs $601.75; for people 2 to 50 it's 841.75; and for people 51 and older it's $481.75.

   For nonresidents a season fishing license costs $98.25; season junior fishing for those 17 and under, is $21.75; a two-pole permit is $15.50; a season salmon-steelhead permit is $25.75; a three-day salmon or steelhead license and permit is $37.50; a one day fishing license is $12.75 and each consecutive day $6, but it is not valid for salmon or steelhead.

Licenses, tags and permits can be purchased:

         By phone and credit card: 1-800-554-8685.
         License vendors.
         Fish and Game offices.

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