MAY 6, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Board discusses draft proposed and opposed for EMS legislation

   Neal Johnson provided an update on legislative review that covers the EMS program during the April 26 Board of Clearwater County Commissionersí (BOCC) meeting. Also joining the discussion were Dr. Maurice Masar and Les Eaves. The EMS legislation in the Senate Bill 1391 draft was brought up for discussion. The draft legislation was held in committee during the winter legislative session. The IAC and State EMS Board will continue to work on the proposed bill for the next legislative session.

   The rural emergency service providers are trying to educate the elected officials in the cities and counties on the impact the changes will make on the cost of providing services. The State wants to have jurisdiction over the existing ambulance districts and licensing for EMTs. There is opposition to the draft legislation and the local EMTs ask that the BOCC remain informed on the draft plan.


   The BOCC approved and signed expense claims. Commissioners approved the motion to sign the Riverside CDBG Water Project pay request No. 7.

   The Reimbursable Agreement No. DTFH70-10-E-00007 ID PFH CDP 67(2), for Grangemont Road Brush Removal was accepted, approved and signed by the Commissioners.

   The BOCC approved the publication for Request for Proposals/ Qualifications for Feasibility Study for Biomass System Services.

   The BOCC approved the Treasurerís request for Cancellation of Apportionment of taxes for $317.80. They also signed the Catering Permit for Tomís Tavern for a fundraising dinner to be held at the Elk River Community Center on May 1.

New address audit

   The re-addressing is being worked on for the Riverside rural area and Bobbitt Bench. The new addresses are being audited, prior to submission to the Regional Postal Service for approval. Once they are back from the Regional Post Office, they are audited again and then letters will be sent out to the landowners.

Open house

   There will be an open house with the Western Federal Highways Administration on Wednesday, May 19 to review the Grangemont Road Project.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach.