MAY 6, 2010

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   It’s amazing the blooming Dog wood, flowering Crabs and Plums and Redbud trees remain colorful in spite of the wild winds that ripped through this area for several hours Monday. Cathie Mosher at the Orofino Flower Shop said Tuesday “it’s a wonder there’s anything left.”

   Winds of 55 plus mph lashed away at the area for around eight hours Monday afternoon into the evening. Avista reports more than 400 customers in the Orofino area lost power.

   The sky and air were full of wind and dust for hours. Made me think I was back in western Kansas with Dorothy and Toto in The Wizard of Oz.

   Years ago when my granddaughter, Lacey (Codr) Johnson, heard me mention being born in Kansas she immediately asked “Grandma, did you know Toto?” Not to dispel the magic I said “Sure.”

   This morning the Clearwater River was running high and muddy. This did not spoil the magic of the river for me as I sat by the window and watched the river rush by.   

   My morning ritual is to sit in a recliner by the window and drink that first cup of black coffee! I call it “a blood transfusion in a cup.”

   When I first get up in the morning I say “coffee’ and Mary Jane (MJ) the black Pug hops off the bed and rushes to the recliner to beat me there. So far she hasn’t asked for a cup of her own! She snuggles down in the chair and continues her morning sleep.

   Sunday is Mother’s Day. This is my granddaughter Ashley Howland’s first Mother’s Day as a mother. Her twin boys now weigh 7 and 5 pounds and are expected to be released soon from the Neonatal Unit at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.

   Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, young, old or in-between.

   A quote from my mother: God knew angels could not be everywhere so He created mothers.